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Going back to Disneyland Paris

By on June 8, 2011
totem pole and kids
by a totem pole at the hotel

If you’ve been to my other blogs then you’ll know how I complain that time goes really fast. Especially if you have kids. Just yesterday the baby does nothing but sleep and drink milk, now they’re going to school and can do a lot of things. *sigh*

These photos were from our Disneyland Resort Paris adventure. Above photo was taken just outside our hotel, My Explorer’s Hotel, in Marnee La Vallee, France. Just outside Paris and very near Disneyland…takes about 20 minutes with a shuttle ride.

disneyland resort paris castle
waiting for the gates to open
disneyland resort paris castle



My older son having the sharpest memory among the three would always recall bits and pieces of our Disneyland experience and relay it to the little boy. He was also with us but he was around 1 year and 6 months so he couldn’t remember it well. We just let him look at the photos.

We would surely love to visit Disneyland again and this time, the little boy would hopefully remember.




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Paris – Disneyland Resort – Disney Village, Open Souvenir shops

By on March 18, 2009

This installment is about the Disney Village, the only park which is free. It is especially built for tourists who only want Disney items for souvenirs and giveaways.

Enjoy the sun-up, sun-down photos. =)


Everything Disney. – Rainforest Cafe.


Disney Fashion Boutique. – Mickey…again.

Disney Store.

Planet Hollywood.

C on a Corvette. – A outside a store.

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Paris – Disneyland Park – Fantasyland

By on March 14, 2009

Disneyland Park, is mostly the fantasy-filled area of the Resort. It is divided into Main Street, USA and 3 other ‘lands’ .

Disneyland Hotel (above and below), an in-house hotel and also the entrance to the Park.

C and A posing by the Mickey flower ensemble in front of the hotel entrance.

My boys sitting at the Pavilion which is parallel to Sleeping Beauty’s Castle, the street lined with flags is Main Street, USA. The street has 1920-inspired houses (emphasizing on football and automobiles). The houses serve as shops (from souvenirs to photography equipments) and restaurants (coffee, pizza, ice cream, and more).

During the parade, Tigger (Disney’s Winnie the Pooh) and Geppetto (Pinocchio) on board. Notice the rail tracks, as the street has a tram for the visitors too.


One of the featured automobile also on parade, they also tour around with the guests and sometimes with the mascots.


Front of one of the shops. Notice: Kodak, yes they sell mostly Kodak products. The attendants are really friendly but they would almost always speak to you in French when you enter. Most of them speak English especially the Africans. But it was also nice when a cashier who seem not fluent in English heard me speaking with Charlton later on conversed with me in German. I felt confident I won’t get lost.lol.


Inside the shop, a surplus of Mickey mouse and other Disney toys, souvenir items, clothing, memorabilia and more. The prices are generic at all of the shops. Security is a little lax though, don’t be surprised if you see people shoplifting…coz I did. I tip my hat off to those who remain honest (like us! hehe).

One of the stuff we bought that proved to be useful later on is a gown for our little princess. See, she’s standing here with Sleeping Beauty’s castle at the background. The dress was perfect, should we have bought Cinderella’s dress then the castle should be blue…fortunately, she likes pink and pink is Aurora’s gown.

However, meticulous as she is, she had one complain. “Mali momie, kasi black ang hair ko dapat dress na lang ni Snow White, I can’t be Aurora, hindi naman kasi ako blonde.” (This is wrong momie, I have black hair so it should have been Snow White’s dress , I can’t be Aurora, I’m not blonde after all.) Oo nga naman.

One of the uses I was talking about is this: sending entries to the Disney Princess magazine.

Sitting by the bushes…behind is Alice in Wonderland’s Curious Labyrinth.

Jiminy Cricket from Les Voyages de Pinocchio , a 2-minute ride which will show you the journeys of Pinocchio, presented by puppets…the rides were made of wood inpired by Geppetto’s works.

Waving while still on board Dumbo the Flying Elephant.

Jack’s Beanstalk minus the Giant…


At the entrance of Sleeping Beauty’s Castle was a small door with a vitrine full of crystals. Most of them are Disney character’s mini-sculptures but there are huge masterpieces as you see here partly, a replica of the castle.

Hubby and I were awed at how they are made so we looked around and there, hubby’s attention was caught by the hologram-like crystal boxes with yóur own photos! (more pics to follow)

We decided that this precious piece would be our souvenir from the Park. The attendants took our photos starting from Daniel. The woman in the photo appears to be the Supervisor here, she came and spoke to us (english) but when she heard me call out: “Da-niel!” She instantly knew that we speak German ( just by the pronunciation..as in English would be pronounced Day-nyel, Pinoys would say Dan-yel, and in German we say Da-nyel).

The rule is to not move for 5 seconds while the photo is being taken and to look on top of the camera…the box was ready after 2 hours and we paid an addition since there were 5 of us…the most that they have made were for 4 people.



<–The castle glowing at night, too bad we run out of batteries for the fireworks =(



There were still so many stuff that we were not able to see, but we had enough memories to make us remember the fantastic and enchanting experience at Disney’s Fantasyland.

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Paris – Disneyland Park – Disney Studios

By on March 12, 2009

Disneyland Resort Paris is located 32 km from the center of Paris at a new town called Marnee La Vallée, where most disney-themed hotels are also located.

The Resort has two theme parks, Disney Studios and Disneyland Park plus an entertainment district, Disney Village



We headed first to Disney Studios and were delighted to see the big Mickey ears on the water tank…hubby, comic as usual requested for a photo. —->

Disney Studios Park is divided into themed lots. We didn’t wait much in line to see the featured videos but did lots of photo ops. Right photo: C on a sweeping broom (Beauty and the Beast).


Left photo: D with (Disney Pixar) Monsters Inc.’s Mike Wazowski, the only photo were he isn’t crying. Right photo: Reason why D never came near other mascots again. Sulley (again from Monsters Inc.) surely lives up to his name of being the top scarer!










Left: A beside Luigi and C beside Guido in their tire shop (Cars, Disney Pixar). Right: A with Minnie Mouse, we had to wait in line for an autograph and photo op. Tip: Bring your own pen and autograph book, the DisneyPrincess-designed pen costs 2,90 euros, the autograph book: 4,90!


C was not in the mood then, so A had all the photo opps with the mascots. This is either Chip or Dale…I cannot tell the difference. =D

We were also in line for Pluto’s autograph but lost the chance because Goofy who did nothing but goof around run away with Pluto somewhere! T’was really fun, though the place is huge, its worth moving about, following the crowd, snapping photos and reliving the stories of the cartoon characters we have been familiar with through the years. Surely is a place for children but is definitely also a good time for the child-at-heart!





<<Mickey Mouse, Disney’s icon. >>Walt Disney and Mickey, how it all started.

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Paris – Hotel Arrival

By on March 7, 2009

The Paris/Disneyland trip was not planned ahead, hubby was mumbling about it for sometime but I didn’t took it seriously. Then it just happened, we boarded the City Airport train from Floridsdorf, hurried to the Vienna International Airport because the plane will leave at 7:20 and we only have that 20 minutes to do all the stuff you do at the airport…To think that Daniel’s stroller will be regarded as a baggage..hubby carried it all the way through while I have Daniel with me. We made it in time to Gate 3 only to find out that the flight has been delayed for another hour. =S

The two hour ride went smoothly, none of the kids throwing up or having ear pressure =P…we had a good meal though I unfortunately forgot what it was. We arrived at Charles deGaulle at 10P.M. local time. This is my second time to be in this airport and I still feel lost in its hugeness. We boarded a bus that will take us to the Hotel, My Travel’s Explorer at Marnee La Vallee. It took us another hour 20 minutes and the kids were able to sleep.


<—Can you spot hubby here? This is the lobby of the Hotel. The crew were really nice save for one who gave us ‘very little’ trouble before we left.

Having the theme ‘explorer/pirate,’ one can see boats, mermaids, ships and other sea creatures lying about.


The hotel boasts of 2 Bars, 3 Restaurants, a Disney Shop, an Explorer’s shop, indoor children’s corners, indoor adventure play area, heated indoor pool, with an adventure boat that leads one to the pool slide.


The hotel is approximately an 8-minute shuttle ride to the Disney Parks and Disney® Village and Chessy TGV/RER regional train station. It was not as convenient though since passengers could fill up both from leaving and arriving to the hotel.

—> The kids sitting on a wooden chair at the lobby, still groggy from the very limited sleep they got. We went directly to our room, which was not easily found…there were many elevators yes, but they will lead you to certain floors. We eventually found our way, changed to PJ’s and went straight to sleep as fun awaits us the next morning.







<—Our hotel room, a room which our son, C , would later on often ask to visit and stay at again.

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