Self-Pampering Vacations for Busy Bodies

By on May 20, 2016

People who adhere to busy schedules daily are often the same ones who lose their time for personal needs.  Maintaining a hectic schedule that juggles career and domestic responsibilities can have negative effects on a person’s health in the long run. A vacation with the whole family can be great, but one should also consider taking a personal break with the sole purpose of pampering one’s self. Read on for some Self-Pampering Vacation Ideas to reward yourself for all your hard work.

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Those who are concerned about personal vacation expenses can look into budget deals for an overnight stay at a Spa Resort or a weekend at the nearest Beach Resort. There is nothing like a warm bath and soothing massage to whisk away the stress of a busy week or month.  You can indulge in these treats and other relaxing activities like yoga or meditation classes that are offered in most resort spas.  People who are simply looking for some peace and quiet and some nice view of nature can book into a secluded beach resort and enjoy a book while lounging under the sun or take care of some personal tasks that they’ve been neglecting while sipping a Margarita. One of my friends even had time to look into phone upgrade options that she has been putting off for months. On top of that she also discovered that to sell mobile phone instead of simply disposing her old unit in the trash is worth it.

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The procedures for selling her old phone unit online were quite simple so she didn’t have any trouble arranging for it. At the end of her break, she was able to relax, accomplish a personal task in a breeze, and get additional funds that she can spend for her next pampering vacation.

These budget self-pampering breaks are important in taking care of one’s own well-being.  Enjoying a vacation doesn’t necessarily mean splurging on it.  Sometimes booking in a nice resort and enjoying all the amenities without any added cost, is the most restful vacation that one can ever have.

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Cultural Spots to Visit in Tel Aviv

By on December 19, 2014

The country of Israel is one of incredible beauty and rich cultural heritage. Tel Aviv epitomises this in a variety of ways, most of all through the number of historical sites it boasts – a dream for those with such interests.

With more than 2.5 million international visitors every year, and the second-largest economy in the Middle East, the popularity of this amazing city is constantly growing. People are excited about what it can offer – here, we provide a brief glimpse into some of the cultural spots you should visit.

The History of Tel Aviv Museum

Based in the first-ever municipality building of Tel Aviv, this museum showcases the last 100 years of an intriguing city. From the small suburb known as Jaffa to the vibrant, bustling and entrancing epicentre of culture it is today, this is the number one spot to visit if you’re interested in the origins of Tel Aviv.

The old mayor’s office, first occupied by Meir Dizengoff, has been restored after the building was shut down for a number of years, and visitors can enter to see the amazing views of Bialik Square. The architecture is all original, making a trip to the museum a genuine Tel Aviv experience.

Tel Aviv Museum of Art

The largest art museum in Israel is based in Tel Aviv, and it has been open since before the country itself even existed. It contains a host of incredible artwork from Israeli and international artists, of both impressionism and post-impressionism.
While many interesting exhibits come and go over time, there are works of a number of famous names that are based here permanently – such as Henri Moore, Picasso and Auguste Rodin. The new wing, which opened just three years ago, also has some notable architecture worth viewing.

The White City

Tel Aviv is home to the world’s biggest collection of Bauhaus-style buildings, with their colour earning the area in which they’re located the nickname of “The White City”. They were constructed in the 1920s and 1930s by Jewish people emigrating from Germany, and have been restored following its designation as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2003.

The intention of building these structures was to recreate the atmosphere of café-culture in Europe, but with a more modernist style. Today, the district has a fun atmosphere with restaurants and boutiques lining the streets.

Trumpeldor Cemetery

When visiting a city for the first time, most people’s idea of fun doesn’t generally involve paying a visit to the local cemetery. However, at Trumpeldor, you’ll find the resting places of a fascinating mixture of local celebrities including artists, politicians and other well-known individuals.

There are also a number of memorials of historical events, such as the 1921 Tel Aviv riots and the 1918 evacuation by the Ottomans. Overall it’s a fascinating insight into local history and the people that have inhabited this city.

Interested in booking a trip to Tel Aviv and visiting some of these locations? Contact Chic Collection for special offers.

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