5 Reasons to Visit Prague: Bohemian Magic in East Central Europe

IMG_5176  IMG_5163
(Sunset reflection at the Old Town and a crystal store.)

Escape into the preserved cobblestone walks, walled courtyards, and spire dotted skyline of Prague. Be magically transported to the majestic past as you walk through the streets of this capital city, moving among the mix of cathedrals, towers, and domes along with establishments offering a more modern and energetic take on Prague’s cultural scene.

wenceslas square
National Museum Building, designed by Czech architect Josef Schulz, and the statue of Wenceslas at the Square.

 There are plenty of things to discover and enjoy in Prague. Below are just five of the reasons why going to Prague is included in most people’s travel wish-list:

1. The Attractions – There’s a great number of museums, architectural sights, and other places to see in Prague. Particularly interesting are the Old Town and the New Town, two locales that are popular among tourists for the historic buildings and monuments they have as well as the beautiful panoramic sights and quaint parks.

2. The Activities – Prague’s old world charm is not deficient in exciting things to do. Among the things that you should try when visiting Prague are sightseeing flights and river cruises. Sightseeing flights give you a bird’s eye view tour of the city on board a helicopter or a hot air balloon. While you’re at it, you might even want to try skydiving in Prague.

  clock   IMG_4834
(Prague’s Orloj -600-year-old Astronomical Clock – at the Old Town and a balloon floating above the city.)

3. The People – The people of Prague are jovial and accommodating. They are actually the best people to show you around the city. Walking tours conducted by locals themselves can be requested right off the street, usually free of charge with the locals regaling you with historical tales made more interesting with their personal commentary and anecdotes. It is also an acceptable practice for tourists to join a group of people to banter with during drinking hour.

4. The Food – Prague has a number of restaurants serving up local cuisine. Lunch time is busiest in the city since this meal is traditionally regarded as the main meal of the day. Expect to be served a selection of meat dishes, usually pork or beef, with sidings of dumplings or potatoes. Street food can also be enjoyed in Prague with vendors dishing out Czech style hotdogs right at the Old Town Square and in New Town’s Wenceslas Square.

 czech cuisine  IMG_4565
(My plate of larded braised beef with a thick sauce of carrot, parsley root, celeriac, and chantilly cream – served with dumplings on the side. View of a church from the corridors of a nearby palace.)

5. The Booze – Prague’s beers and alcoholic drinks are considered to be one of the come-ons for international travellers. In this part of the world, these drinks cost even less than drinking water. Bars and pubs would have their own selection of brands. The more adventurous drinkers would have a ball with the all-night bar hopping and drinking parties called pub crawls – there’s one at The Crawl and another group that meets in front of the Astronomical Clock.

Prague really has a lot to offer to travellers looking for more than just amusement parks and shopping sprees during their vacations. The adventurous and independent traveller yearning to discover some of the world’s cultural treasures would definitely enjoy a week or two in Prague.

muzeum station  prague
One of the many colorful train stations in Prague that I was so interested with.


20 thoughts on “5 Reasons to Visit Prague: Bohemian Magic in East Central Europe

  1. Prague is such a beautiful place to travel to. I love seeing old Prague then new Prague. Prague does have some very nice tasting beer and food. Definetly one of my favorite places to travel to. Great post

  2. Awwss… Prague – one of the place where I plan to visit someday. I would really like to see if the cuisines are great (looks so delicious). What a love place indeed.

  3. Great review! 🙂 I want to ride that air hot balloon. It will be one thing off my bucket list. hehe

    *just a suggestion: the font is a little bit tiny. a little bigger? 🙂

  4. Another great city that I am dreaming of. Visiting your site is like travelling around the world. Thanks for sharing your photos and some info.

  5. I did not know much about Prague nor Czech Republic… but reading your post and discovering the many things that the place can offer, it makes me wonder why I have not learned more about it in the past. i would love to visit it some day and thank you for your post!

  6. even one of the reasons here will do for me… but there’s only one reason why i can go here… lack of budget… hahaha. but there will be time for everything. Yahweh bless.

  7. There is something truly enchanting visiting places like Prague. It gives you this feeling as if you’re stepping back to a time almost forgotten. Hopefully someday, I get to visit this place.

  8. Beautiful scenery. I like the sunset reflection of the old town.. Truly amazing attractions and the colorful train station in Prague.. I am thinking if it is real or edited 🙂

  9. Now I understand why my cousin whose been living in London for more than 10 yrs wouldn’t get tired of visiting the beautiful places there over and over again.. 🙂

  10. the first thing i am going to do in Prague if i will be given a chance , is to eat their unique food … i wonder where is the home of Ferdinand Magellan in Portugal ?

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