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A River under a Hospital

February 9, 2012


Standing at the Fleischbridge in Nürnberg’s old town, I was fascinated with this building. Water runs underneath, falling pelargonias adorn the red-paned windows and its color of brown bricks – my kind of a scene from a story written by one of my favorite authors.

Interestingly, this building is the hospice of the Holy Ghost, yep, a hospital situated at the River Pegnitz. It is in itself historic, founded in 1332 and is one of the largest hospitals of the Middle Ages.


On those times we visited Nürnberg, coming by this river is a must….not just for sightseeing but feeding the ducks. Teehee…kids love feeding them and most of the time mom-in-law has stale bread that we can bring…


  1. not gonna lie that is really cool, did you get to walk around inside?? I would have just so see what it was all aboot 🙂

  2. wow! what a beautiful view Sis…so romantic too 🙂 Visiting from Thursday Bronies, hope that you can return the visit too.

  3. That building looks so pretty! It’s so dainty and romantic-looking 🙂 The view with the river looks nice too. Wish I can visit this scenic place in the future.

  4. When it comes to old and pre-historic buildings I always have the feeling of something weird, sort of ghost stories that I saw in movies. lol Visiting from TT.

  5. Amazing how the water is maintained to be that clean! That is a must see spot! Thanks for sharing this!

    Linky for this week is now up. Hope to see your share! Thanks!

  6. really beautiful…and how amazing architectures back then! very interesting place to see! visiting late from Thursday Brownies, hope you can still visit me back. thanks and have a great week. 🙂

  7. Lovely site!! I’m fond of reading historical romance pocketbooks and I remember I read one describing similar location like that. Wish I could travel that far 🙂

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