Hello World! We’d like to see all of you!

When I was a kid I get very ecstatic whenever my dad would send me postcards…from places that back then I could only see in them-postcards, books and TV features or documentaries.

There were postcards from Greece, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium and others that I’ve forgotten…there were also pictures with his handwritten description of the places he visited. It was those simple gestures that made me interested in geography and as a kid got me so much into travel stories that I’ve memorized  the capital of each country on the map. ^_^

Today, I’m thankful that I’m able to see those places that I used to see only in those postcards and  books…

Join my family and I in our travels and staycations…..it may not be often but I do hope we’d get to have a lot more.

– Gizelle Marie

(Mom of three, writer and photographer by profession, blogger by choice.)


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  1. What a wonderful site I’ve found here! This is so thorough and your love of traveling the world comes out. I’d love to visit several of these places, and I will be sure to come back to keep learning from you! Thank you so much for sharing your wealth of information with us!

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