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OneFineStay – Vacationing Like a Local

By on October 16, 2012

Everybody does need a little time away from it all. Vacationing, taking a breather once in a while is something you need, whatever your preoccupations are in this busy journey called life. If you happen to be a businessman looking to do a Hugh Grant a la Notting Hill, then traveling to a different city like London may be a quick respite for you.

Just when you thought vacationing/travelling in style and comfort couldn’t get any better, along comes Onefinestay. It puts the idea of city breaks in a whole new light. There are many factors to consider when choosing an accommodation or when booking a hotel.


Staying at a Local’s Abode

Onefinestay is a service which pools together members who agree to have their luxurious apartment or house rented out to transient visitors while they’re out of town. They earn income from their house which would otherwise remain idle while they’re away. As a member, you wouldn’t have to worry about marketing or insurance. Onefinestay has got you all covered.

OneFineStay, vacationing like a local
(Cartwright Gardens, where I stayed while in London by myself)

It was launched in London in May 2010 and then expanded to New York in May 2012. Their website has a listing of over 500 homes. Prices range from £150 a night for a cozy one bedroom apartment to £1,000 a night for a grand townhouse. Some prices are the same range when you stay at a hotel, but staying at local homes have its advantages.

Saving on Food Expenses

Cooking home meals has always been cheaper as when eating out. At rented homes, you have a refrigerator to store all your favourite food, and a pantry to fill with snacks. It is a lot cheaper compared to a hotel where a bottle of fruit juice will cost you twice.

Vacationing Like a Local,Baker Street
(Baker Street Station, hubby in the background)

Living In a Neighborhood of Friendly Locals

You can experience how it truly is to live like a local by living within the proximity of many locals. You can get a feel of how silent, noisy, or busy a neighborhood is as you stay in the area longer. Onefinestay rentals are known for their luxury, so be assured that you get the finest.


Compared to a hotel, you will have a living room, bathroom and toilet, a bedroom, a kitchen, even your own entry hall cabinet. If you are vacationing with family or friends, having a home with several bedrooms will still prove fun while having your privacy.

Hotel-like Services

london, vacationing like a local
(Friend and I near the Big Ben)

What’s nice about their service is that they offer all the perks and convenience of staying in a plush hotel while giving you the chance to live like a local in whatever city you’re staying in. For instance, guests are treated to luxury amenities such as five-star hotel linens and toiletries from The White Company in London and Kiehl’s products in New York. Not only linens, they also are down to provide services of cleaning your rented home.

Onefinestay is the only company in its service model that visits each home, villa, or apartment in its listing. It’s not easy to get listed, which means the standards of accommodations must be high.

If you’re on a city break in London, booking a home through onefinestay is a good way to go.

Phone For Your Use

As if that weren’t enough, onefinestay lends you an iPhone for the entire length of your stay. You can make free local calls from this phone, and it’s loaded with local tips from the homeowner. You’ll feel like a celebrity sans the paparazzi, because you’ll manage to pull off acting like a local.

Onefinestay has a clear vision

They hope to give vacationing city travellers a whole new world of experience and more options than just booking hotels. Experience being a local even if you’re just vacationing, by living in a local’s home. Today, London and New York… tomorrow, the world!

#Onefinestay is a service which pools together members who agree to have their apartment or house rented out to transient visitors while they’re out of town. They earn income from their house which would otherwise remain idle while they’re away. As a member, you wouldn’t have to worry about marketing or #insurance. Onefinestay has got you covered down to the provision of linens and cleaning of your house. #citybreak
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Of Villas and Vacation Plans

By on August 27, 2011

Booking flights, choosing to book villas and vacation plans finalization, could be a bit tedious. Years ago, I featured one of the Italian villas in Lignano, that where we stayed at with the whole family along with my parent-in-law and my brother-in-law’s family. It’s a simple compound with a pool, reachable by foot by the bus station and relatively just a few minutes away from grocery stores, restaurants, the plaza and the beach. There are also arcade centers to the kids’ enjoyment. We could bring them there if they get tired swimming.

We occupied two rooms at the second floor and from there, we could see the villa pool from the rooms. The kids would be up early, ready for the pool. There are lifeguards around and since they could be seen from our room, we do not worry a lot about their safety, oma or opa would accompany them while we have coffee or tea at our room’s balcony. They have their arm floats too and the other swimmers look out on them somehow.

Cheaper Accommodation

We also stayed at a Villa with a lot of rooms in Balaton, Hungary, this one is more of a 2-storey house in a fenced lot with a pool too, all for ourselves.

Villas and Vacation Plans
Balaton, Hungary

Renting villas or apartments when on a long-term vacation has its ups and downs. It’s cheaper than when staying in a hotel. The rates are lower, perhaps 1/3 of a daily hotel rate but convenience-wise, you cook for yourself, clean the place yourself. The extra hours you spent at the apartment cleaning and cooking could already be hours spent shopping and sightseeing unless the place offers bed and breakfast and cleaning services.

Feel of Home

It could be said that renting villas on vacation is like home away from home. You get to do the same things you do at home in a different setting, a different view and environment.

villas around europe, Croatia
Split, Croatia

Early Looking for Villas and Vacation Plans

Our summer vacation is almost over, school is starting next week and it’s too early to plan for next year. Since we plan on going from city to city, country to country (yes, that’s a big dream on our bucket list); we are planning on renting one of the really charming villas in Croatia or in Prague. It’s a really convenient thing that online reservation websites have a long-range time-table. We could book as early as now for next year’s vacation. We’d definitely book one with pool and which is near the beach, that that serves breakfast and has house cleaning included.

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Residenza Europa

By on May 9, 2009



Our one-week was well-spent in this Villa. We rented 2 apartments both with 2 rooms each. One for us and for my brother-in-law’s family….parents-in-law shared each a room with our kids. (Mom-in-law’s favorite grandkid is my older son 😉 so she stayed with him often then.) We stayed here after much discussion with the manager having a disrepancy with the booking details.

IMG_9140the villa pool from the rooms…Lignano tends to be really hot in the summers so we would sleep with the doors open (there were no windows). Having said that I would recommend for those who wants to visit to bring mosquito repellant or anything to keep them mosquitoes away.


Residenza Europa 1

The apartment is simply made; the living room with a sofa bed, a kitchenette and a dining table are all in the same area when you enter the front door. The kitchenette could never me more complete, as  a stove, a ref and utensils are provided. The bathroom, albeit small is ok but we got lots of wet floors the whole week…good thing mom-in-law brought in floor towels…we would then hang them by the balcony to dry.

The rooms provided also has a big closet for all our one-week stuff…

Residenza Europa 2


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