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Rome Alone

By on December 16, 2013

Five hours in the Eternal City is never enough to cover and discover all that this enchanting commune has to offer. That’s what I had though when hubby and I went to “roam alone in Rome” for some me-time. It includes the challenge of not taking a taxi, just the trains. 😀 Hesitation was my feeling at first. Then I thought it would be good for me since I walk slowly. I could drink in the culture, sights, atmosphere, and scenery more. I could also escape the eye rolls I get from hubby whenever he walks too far up front. ^_^

He gave me 5 hours….considering my being slow, I could have seen more, taken photos of the city more. In a nutshell, this is a story of what I did and saw in Rome…alone. Well, with a good-old map actually and my ever-reliable 7d.

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