Paris – My Travel Explorer’s Hotel

Saturday, morning after we arrived. Changed clothes to at least be presentable at the dining hall, lol…didn’t bother about unruly hair.

We woke up earlier than we normally would at home, I guess everyone’s excited.





The Explorer boat, this is were the pool slide is located. From top view, the side with the dolphins is where the bar and restaurants are. From the glass window, one can see the pool.





The breakfast buffet is open from 7-11am, a selection of coldcuts, cheeses, jam are in this ‘boat.’
Bagels, croissants and other bread are offered too. There’s also an array of joghurt, pudding, flans but if you’re not for these sweets, fresh watermelon and pineapples can be eaten without limit. =D
The last installment for boosting you up in the morning are diverse cereals plus hot choco, milk, coffee or cold fruit juices.



C having ham for breakfast and D having chocolate cereals.

The breakfast experience surely made us go through every single day full of energy.







Traders Cafe Bar. Never got the chance to probe.


Marco’s Pizza. Ten euros for an 8-slice pizza which you can pick up after 10 minutes. They also have other finger foods, I remember sighing as I bought 2 french fries for 8 euros! Its Paris after all. *sigh*
We were able to use the other kid’s facilities such as the arcade room, ball corner, slides. etc., we also took a dip at the pool but unfortunately forgot to take photos. The pool was then closed for renovation while we were there…sayang!
Hubby was a little surprised to see lots of Africans as crew in the hotel forgetting that many countries in Africa had been French colonies. We were staying in the hotel only when sleeping and an hour after waking up so there were lots of time for cleaning. However, hubby and I are a little disappointed to see that there would still be coffee or sugar spill still on the table that we’ve left in the morning.
Anyway, the experience is good, out of ten I’d rate it 7.5, this place after all is one that C remembers well and would like to return to.

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