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By on October 12, 2012

Sending postcards is one thing I enjoy doing. Yes, along with travelling. And as an aside from being a wahm, a cook, a blogger, and whatnots, I still find time in my hands for it. I’ve been sending self-made ones to my closest friends whenever we travel to a distant city. I have also been a member of Postcrossing. It’s a project that operates online, allowing its members to send and receive real postcards from all over the world. Although it is actually an account opened for my daughter. I share with her the joy of picking postcards to send, and sorting which a postcrosser would want received. We would be writing the addresses and notes and stamping them. We would then go together to the post office and send them postcards.

Helping Post Offices

It is our way of helping the post offices worldwide. What with the electronic counterpart of postcards and private couriers, less and less come by to use their services, forcing a lot of them to shut down – worldwide.


Creating Postcards Help You Stay Creative

At some point, I would make postcards from my own shots as these two here. I would have them printed as many as possible and sent to friends and postcrossers. Above would be my son tiptoeing on cobblestones at one of Vienna’s hidden streets. And the foremost photo, although nothing’s written was the first postcard I sent out to friends.

Sending Postcards is our way of helping the post offices they don't shut down. #cobblestones #viennastreetscene
(Cobblestones in a Vienna passage)

Digital Postcard Printing

Though I advocate traditional postcard sending, I wouldn’t say no to a free online service to print and send postcards. When a friend told me about a Touchnote Postcards promo, I immediately made use of my photos to send around the globe. Touchnote, founded in 2008, allows users to upload images or source them to print, sent from their headquarters in London… It’s a really convenient service because there’s really not much to do than upload, know and type in your friends’ names and addresses and voila! Postcards would arrive after 2 or more days. Below is a shot from Nuremberg’s market in Germany. I wasn’t able to send postcards from there so I made this via Touchnote from one of my shots.

Privacy Infringement?

The inputting of address on a sender’s part has been an issue to some, citing that well, it is never advisable to give out addresses like that to any third party. So far, there are no reports regarding this relating to any form of privacy infringement. :/

It’s the Thought that Counts

Well and good, some of my friends have been posting what they receive on their blogs, others were personally thanking me (via facebook and twitter) and others I think, weren’t able to receive them. I sent about 80 postcards last month, have you received one too? Let me know by commenting, leave your url post so I can visit if you’ve posted yours!

Oh, should you be wanting a postcard too, I’d be happy to send you one, just privately message me your home address then.

I stay creative by taking photos, would make postcards from those shots . #Nuremberg
(Nuremberg, Germany)

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Tagaytay, an Extension of “Home”

By on August 23, 2011

Tagaytay, an Extension of "Home" 1

I received a postcard from Gene! It reads something to this line “I know you mentioned that you live near Tagaytay, so I sent this to you…you must miss it as I do…” (sorry Gene, my daughter took the card and secured it in her postbox – where she keeps all the postcards we receive. 😀

Tagaytay, an Extension of "Home" 2Tagaytay, an Extension of "Home" 3

Anyhow, what Gene said is true, I miss Tagaytay because we grew up with it as an extension of what we call “home.” Sure, the place is totally different from how it was when we were small. It was colder, much greener – less buildings and with certainly a lot of fruit stands. I can’t say which is the better, then or now, but I’m glad that the development included restaurants that serve really good food! There’s the original Mushroomburger (which is supposed to be my post, I just can’t find my photos), established in 1978. They sold the first Mushroomburger on November 1, 1980 – a few months after I was born! There are well-loved restaurants that only Tagaytay can boast of such as Pamana, Bag of Beans, Antonio’s and Ladera. (Please correct me if I’m wrong.)

There are also relatively new established food joints which have already gained fame in downtown Manila such as Dencio’s, Carlo’s Pizza, Teriyaki Boy, Leslie’s and a lot more. With restaurant chains sprouting, Tagaytay has definitely become one of the Philippines top travel destination!

Tagaytay, an Extension of "Home" 4

So today I am showing you food from Leslie’s and Carlos Pizza which I already posted on my food blog (old photos and stories). These rendezvous were during our vacation in 2009 and 2010, respectively.  Leslie’s offer traditional Filipino food, for individual or group menu. I can’t remember which did we order but we have Sugpo sa Aligi, Nilagang Bulalo, Laing, Chicken Barbeque, Pinaputok na Tilapia and Leche Flan for dessert (rice is of course, included).

We were with my sister and her family (2 kasambahays included) but we didn’t finish everything. We went home with a lot of leftovers which is good since my mom has to be at the office then (payday), we brought her whole tilapia, chicken pieces and bulalo too.

Tagaytay, an Extension of "Home" 5

While eating we were serenaded by the resident singers. The kids happily sang along. I won’t show much of the restaurant’s interior, please check Gene’s entry for that. 😉

Carlos Pizza is one for spontaneous get togethers. It’s located at One Destination, 15 minutes or so from where we live and where a handful more of restaurants are located. You can actually pick one when you get there….like we did, we can’t decide on where to dine so we ended up there as they serve pizza. Who says no to pizza? I’d say the food is reasonably priced if not cheap. There were a dozen of us and I paid less than what I actually expected…

Tagaytay, an Extension of "Home" 6Tagaytay, an Extension of "Home" 7
(Hawaiian pizza and mozarella sticks)

We ordered diverse pizza and pasta, buffalo wings with beer and other drinks. It was summer so the winds weren’t as strong. We dined al fresco sans the jacket. 🙂 Back in the days we always tuck our jackets when visiting Tagaytay.

Tagaytay, an Extension of "Home" 8

I don’t normally post photos of myself for fear that my readers would scurry away but let me take this chance to congratulate my bestfriend for her pregnancy (she’s in yellow). We just finished eating here and I was teaching her bits and pieces about her new camera. 🙂


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