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We need funds to be able to travel again soon. 😀 This is one of the main reasons that I opt for blog advertising…both by recommending products or by monetizing my blogs through sidebar ads. At times I still have that doubt but writing, photography and getting paid for doing these two, which I both love by the way, is all worth it.

It was just recently that I decided to do niche blogging…I have always had about 6 blogs mostly about photography and mixed topics. Then there’s my city blog, my food blog but I have decided too to create separate blogs for fashion, gadgets, art and now: our travels. Now, I got a total of 14! lol. Though we haven’t been to so many cities, I have enough materials, errr phtoos and stories to keep this blog going.


I think niche blogging is the way to go if one wants to maximize the potential of earning online. Simply put, a niche blog is a blog dedicated to a certain topic or segment of the market. For example, if you have keen knowledge about technology, you can write reviews about products you’ve tried. Technology is still a wide scope so you can divide that into cameras, games, computers, smartphones, TVs and more.  In each blog, you will provide content and/or products that fall under each category or niche.

Paying platforms almost always segregate blogs via their niches and gives them tasks accordingly. Seldom that you’d find topics about cameras and printers in food blogs but it happens…you just have to make a connection. (That’s what I do.) So for now, I’m putting up this travel blog and  in order to have this niche blog running, I have to do paid posts, get paid, save and travel again. ^_^

P.S. I’m itching to visit the Louvre once again to follow the trails of Robert Langdon, one thing we weren’t able to do the last time we were there. 😉

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  1. i admire you for being able to write in your niche blogs 🙂 i certainly wish i was good at niche blogging too!

  2. oh I’m starting to have my niche blogging too so soon. I actually got a free domain from a friend but I still need more time to start my travel blog next week.. hope so! I want also to earn more just like you….:)

  3. Yeah right, me need too.. lol.. seriously.. with blogging actually you just have to use wild imagination to connect to your keywords… good for you you’ve practically traveled the whole of europe.. but if there one place I wish to see right at this instance.. love to chill down Praha… hehehe 😉

  4. All the best on your niche blogging! It’s nice to get paid and save that earning for travels. I do that too and I enjoy it so much!

  5. You really amaze me mare. Idol! =) Hope you can earn and save up and visit Louvre, so as the Phils. =) See you soon?

  6. I hope I could do niche blogging too, but I don’t seem to be an expert at anything! hehe. You have the talent, so you are sure to go places with blogging (literally, and figuratively :)).

  7. I find all of your blogs interesting and worth reading. 🙂 You know how to motivate someone with what you’re doing. It’s really remarkable… keep it up!

  8. The travel bug puts you on a vicious cycle, doesn’t it?? Love your photo – good luck in your quest to make it pay!!

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