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Winter Get-Away Cruise Destinations

By on January 20, 2017

Vacations, road trips, and cruise holidays are popular during the summer season. Most people are used to the idea that summers are the best time to spend a holiday. But those who have experienced the cold and wet winter weather in the UK may want to re-consider their holiday schedules. Instead of cruising during the summer why not explore exciting destinations during the winter season. This way you can escape the dull winter weather and exchange it with warm and sunny ones. Here are some nice spots where one can cruise around and get away from the bleak winter weather of the  UK.

When it comes to beach island holidays the Caribbean is often among the top of the tourists’ list. These islands are perfect for cruises because of the cultural diversity among the different islands. One can simply visit one island after another and enjoy a unique island experience in each of them. However, there are also things that are common in all of the Caribbean Islands and those are the beautiful and clear waters, sandy beaches and lots of sunshine.

puerto rico
Puerto Rican shores

Near the Caribbean is another great destination, The Mexican Coast. This place is ideal for those who to mix beach frolics with an active night life. You can spend a quiet time in the beach or engage in some water activities like diving and snorkeling by day, then spend the nights partying with the bands, dancing in bars or restaurants, and soaking-in their margaritas.

Those who would like more than just the sun and the sand can put Egypt in their list of cruise destinations. UK residents can reach it through a short flight, and they can have a long list of sites that they can visit during their trip. Aside from water adventures, a cruise to Egypt also offer some shore excursions that takes tourists to iconic sights like the Great Pyramids and the ancient tombs.

Nile River (image via

Not everyone who wants an escape from UKs winter weather would automatically go for sunny destinations. Some would simply like to make their environment more interesting or colorful. There are also great destinations that have cold weathers too, one is Scandinavia.

Those who would like to explore the Arctic region during winter can book a Scandinavian Cruise where they can have a good chance of seeing the Northern Lights or Aurora. They may also enjoy a hike in the fjord or view Arctic animals in their natural habitats.

There is no need to spend your winters sipping hot tea or keeping yourself indoors to stay warm when you have the option to get out and enjoy great cruise options. With plenty of choices available, one is sure to find a winter get-away cruise that would fit their needs.

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The Perfect Cruise for the Family

By on December 16, 2012
santorini view sunset cruise
Gorgeous view of Santorini (photo via

Most people take advantage of summer vacations not just to reconnect with relatives, families, and loved ones but also to get that much-needed break from school or work. This is the reason why my family and I take some time off from our busy schedules during summertime. Perhaps you and your family are also planning to take a short vacation this year. The fact is a large percentage of families all around the world really go through extreme lengths just to plan the perfect summer getaway.

Many families opt to spend summers in places with plenty of amusement parks, beaches, and campgrounds. However, if you want to dare to be different come summertime, you might want to explore a unique option – spending your next family vacation aboard a cruise ship.

There are plenty of companies offering discounted cruise packages. Why not plan a cruise to Santorini aboard a luxury liner via Many cruise ships have successfully crossed the line that was once dominated by airplanes. For many years now, many people have travelled halfway across the world aboard cruise ships and marveled at what the world looks like from a different vantage point.

Of course, if you’re travelling with your family, you’re probably concerned about each member’s attention span. This is especially true if you have the kids travelling with you. Well, contrary to what others think that cruise ships are not “family friendly,” most ships actually have offerings that cater to every person on board.

Some family activities you can enjoy aboard a cruise ship include dinners, movies, mini concerts, and plays. There are liners that actually have playgrounds, swimming pools, and other amenities designed specifically for children. What’s more, the ship’s staff usually supervises these activities; thus, you and your spouse can hie off to enjoy a private moment all to yourselves.

You can find out more about luxury liners that offer fun activities for families by doing research. Nevertheless, if you want to spare yourself from all the legwork, speak to your travel agent. You’d be surprised at the number of results your agent can provide you with. However, if you don’t want to pay extra for this special service, you may opt to book your own cruise vacation online.

Whether you book your own family cruise vacation or you use the professional assistance of a travel agent, you are likely to enjoy your chosen vacation.

Sunset santorini
Sunset at Santorini (photo via

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