Learning About Language and Culture through Travel

Travel and Learning

Learning about language, culture, and people has always fascinated me. I can’t remember how many times I’ve gone on and on about travelling to experience these 3. If I had the funds and opportunity to pursue it, then I’d probably drop off everything and fly to my dream destinations. I would simply love to immerse […]

Travel Makes One Modest

Travel Quotes

Gustave Flaubert once said, “Travel makes one modest. You see what a tiny place you occupy in the world.” Those words aren’t hard to understand. Modesty, itself, means being unassuming. It means accepting your limitations, being unpretentious, and humbly acknowledging the limit of your abilities. Why does modesty relate to travel? Think about it. When […]

The World is a Book, Let’s Read

Travel Quotes

There’s a popular quote that goes, “The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” Those words couldn’t be any truer especially for people who love to travel. Travelling exposes you to so many wonderful things about the place we call home – earth. Even not-so-wonderful experiences during trips […]

A Vacation Home Is the Smart Momma’s Choice

Accommodations, Vacation Home

With children spending most of their waking hours in school, there’s not enough opportunity for a family to bond and have fun. The only time they get to enjoy each other’s company is when the kids are home for their summer vacation. This is one reason why many families really plan well and hard to […]

A Day Well-Spent in Iconic London

London, United Kingdom

London is an iconic city that continuously draws in travellers from all over the world. But, if for some reasons you find yourself with only a day to spend in this wondrous city (for example a really long layover), make the most of out it and plan your itinerary strategically. Keep in mind that there’s […]

Five North American River Cruises You Need to Try


Cruising is a choice of vacation that many people opt to, while some people are wary of. It can seem daunting if one thinks of being out in the ocean for days at a time; even if the ports of call are enticing. One solution for people who do not like the idea of having […]

Guide to Camping in the Great Smoky Mountains

North Carolina

It doesn’t matter whether you are a luxury camper or you like to rough it; there is no disputing that camping is great fun. The fact that it brings you closer to nature and can make you feel like part of your surroundings is simply a bonus! Of course, you need to decide what kind […]

The Many Things to Love in New Zealand

New Zealand

Located in the southern hemisphere and arguably one of the most beautiful countries in the world, New Zealand is a mecca for travellers who want to experience life pretty much on the edge. It’s where nature and modern life exists pretty much in uniform, and where today meets tomorrow. New Zealand has one of the […]

Winter Get-Away Cruise Destinations

Cruises, Winter Travel

(^Board games while on board a cruise ship.) Vacations, road trips, and cruise holidays are popular during the summer season. Most people are used to the idea that summers are the best time to spend a holiday. But those who have experienced the cold and wet winter weather in the UK may want to re-consider […]

Downtown Delight: 8 Must-See in Downtown Vancouver

Dad's Travels, Vancouver

  One of the places we visited in Canada that became an instant favourite was the Butchart Gardens, it is located near Victoria on Vancouver Island. It is so picturesque that you can not get enough of taking photos of each floral display and each landscaped area (see above photo). Being a large island and always listed as […]

Vacation Destinations for my Girly Gang

Travel Tips

A vacation in any destination is always more fun when it is spent with great company. This is one of the reasons why girly holidays are some of the best vacations that women enjoy. You can expect full attendance among female buddies whenever such excursions are scheduled. The only difficult stage in planning for these […]

Don’t Let Language Barrier Stop You from Enjoying Your Trip

Travel Tips

(^Statue of Kalman in Budapest – English and German description provided on tab) Read in German Travelling to another country is something that is probably ever-present in people’s bucket lists. After all, there is nothing more surreal than exploring a place that’s foreign to you and immersing yourself in its culture and traditions. Everything does […]