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Lignano – Plaza, Souvenir, Shops

By on June 4, 2009


Lignano is certainly one of the few clean towns I’ve been to. Very seldom would you find a piece of trash on the street. There are lots of garbage bin around for all the trash. Everything is spic and span….gotta salute the municipal leaders for implementing cleanliness and the citizens for keeping the place clean.IMG_0128

Above is a convenience store – chips and anything to munch lol. Below is a souvenir shop, mostly murano glasses and jewelry or just postcards and other stuff.


The plaza could also be full of street painters and well, anything colorful you’ll find. Bugs perhaps?


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Italy | Lignano

Beaches a Lignano

By on May 14, 2009



That we live far from the sea is something I often complain about and compare to my days growing up. We would often hit the beach when summer comes and we’d spend a day getting all sun-burned, eating what the grown ups brought with them or grilled by the coals provided at the rented nipa huts.  A day at the sea is something we always look forward to.

d sand
It was a fun time for the kids to visit the shores….not the white sand beaches I got used to but hey, it’s still sand! 🙂

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Italy | Lignano | Night Shots

Lignano Plaza at Night

By on May 12, 2009


You’ll recognize the top photo as part of this blog’s header. This shot has been a favorite from our Lignano trip. It was around 8pm but as usual, the summer dusk is a perfect blue.

A palm tree is characteristic of the plaza along with other trees I’m not familiar with. What’s charming in this Italian comune is because of the breeze you’ll know that the sea is very near but because they’ve properly developed it, you wouldn’t know how far it is from where you’re standing.


The Lignano plaza is a busy, noisy, full-of-vendor open space…souvenir shops, street paintings, trinkets and klumperts can be found. There’s a Karaoke in the middle when we passed by. Nope, I didn’t sing, I only sing at home never in such a public place. ^_^

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Apartments | Italy | Lignano

Residenza Europa

By on May 9, 2009



Our one-week was well-spent in this Villa. We rented 2 apartments both with 2 rooms each. One for us and for my brother-in-law’s family….parents-in-law shared each a room with our kids. (Mom-in-law’s favorite grandkid is my older son 😉 so she stayed with him often then.) We stayed here after much discussion with the manager having a disrepancy with the booking details.
IMG_9140the villa pool from the rooms…Lignano tends to be really hot in the summers so we would sleep with the doors open (there were no windows). Having said that I would recommend for those who wants to visit to bring mosquito repellant or anything to keep them mosquitoes away.

The apartment is simply made; the living room with a sofa bed, a kitchenette and a dining table are all in the same area when you enter the front door. The kitchenette could never me more complete, as  a stove, a ref and utensils are provided. The bathroom, albeit small is ok but we got lots of wet floors the whole week…good thing mom-in-law brought in floor towels…we would then hang them by the balcony to dry.

The rooms provided also has a big closet for all our one-week stuff…


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