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Reasons Why I love Ski vacations

By on September 3, 2012
reasons ski vacations
Snow and Sun, photos in this post by hubby

Winter is the longest season and being the coldest too, there are things you do and love in the summer that you can’t do in winter…(and it also goes the other way around). Snowboarding, snowshoeing and skiing are some of the activities you obviously can do only in the winter and only when snow is generous. There’s a good enough reason why you should try skiing  this season as there are a lot of excuses why you wouldn’t (or what I tell my husband when I don’t feel going down the slope). Here are my reasons why I think it’s worth going on a ski-vacation.

1. Picturesque mountain view of white and blue. For a shutterbug like me, going up the famous Alps means enjoying a view of the sun rays on snow-laden slopes and pine trees and getting to shoot them for postcard perfect shots.

2. Keeps you fit. Skiing is the best activity to tone down your thighs, it’s also the best workout for your hips. Actually, I find walking on snow itself strenuous at times and carrying the snowboard is a good practice too.

Skiing tones your stomach muscles. Balancing to keep yourself steady is the key in skiing down…by doing so you engage core stability muscles getting them toned especially the tummy. And yes; a day’s skiing, probably 6 hours or so burns 3000 calories.

3. More than just snow. There are a lot of resorts and residences around the region showcased on sites like that offers family package fun for both skiers and their family who are not as adventurous. Most of these resort packages include a chalet for your stay, amenities such as heatable outdoor swimming pool, sauna, restaurant, bar and other entertainment system or fun things to do for kids and adults. There’s certainly one for you in Europe‘s best resorts where you can go thermal swimming if you prefer that. Whichever you choose in Italy, France, Switzerland or Austria, you’re sure to have the time of your life.

*If you’re a beginner, skiing lessons can be arranged.

ski, pine trees
Unterberg, Austria

4. Great food adventure. It’s not true that all you can eat while on a ski-vacation are breads, sausages and the likes. There are a lot of options and it’s definitely worth cooking while you’re there. While up there in an adventurous mountain retreat, go and try some of the offerings ranging from duck and pears, pulled-pork, tapas and a lot more. You just have to look first and know well where these are offered.

5. Meeting new people. It’s no secret that I’m a social person…not just in the web but in real life as well. ^_^ Skiing makes me meet a lot of people and it’s a good chance that I’d be able to use my knowledge of Japanese and Spanish. Most of the French people also know German, so I’m confortable around them. Don’t worry though if you only know English, most of the attendants in ski resorts we’ve been to speak English.

6. Shopping and night life. Believe it or not, the nightlife at ski resorts are as alive as in the other parts of the world.   Having fun with friends, just chilling after works on the slope is surely the way to go. There are definitely places where you can shop and then hop for some drinks and fun at night. Walking in a surrounding with low lights on, dressed properly to battle the cold, it’s also a good time to practice night photography. 🙂

So gear up, dress your kids in layers as you would yourself and head to the Alps. If you’re still not for the slopes, snowfights and building snowmen would do. ^_^

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