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Venice, the City of Waters

By on September 19, 2011

Here (below photo) starts our (mine and hubby’s) Venice adventure.  We dropped off at the Cannaregio, the district most convenient as a base for those who arrive by car or train, as both the garage and the station are just minutes away on foot from any part of the sestiere (district).

Venice . gondolas, canal, hotel
boats and those

They say (Venetians) that this area closely resemble the Venice of old. Upon getting off the bus, one could easily see the charm the city has been known for. Basking in the glory of Grand Canal palaces, geniusly engineered architecture and a unique form of transportation, you would want to go and walk as much and experience the magic thriving in it since long ago.

Venice - hotel by the canal
full water

Don’t be fooled, it may seem a small city but is not. A half-day isn’t enough to tour around all the districts.

Water transportation starts then and there. It’s one good reason that the city’s air is less polluted; unfortunately to the water’s trepidation. We got ready to enter a labyrinth of narrow passageways, alleys, canals and delicate bridges…unexpectedly we got lost but quite a beautiful experience too. Getting lost and looking for the right path back is wonderful if you’re with someone you trust. At the end of it all, you’ll find yourselves in awe of this wonderful city built on a lagoon.

Venice - canal and gondolas

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