Featuring Corfu

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I can’t remember how many times I’ve featured Greece or its islands here and on my other travel blogs. I could actually be more of a Grecophile than a Japanophile as I have always thought I was. 😀 As I was growing up, the displays at home – mostly miniature statues of Greek gods/goddesses and those, […]

Remembering Dad’s Travels

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My late dad, a well-traveled seaman during his days, made me interested about the countries he visited through his stories. If you’ve been to my other blogs then you know that already or you might have read it here, on the about page. 🙂 Dad’s work as a seaman made him able to land on and […]

When Packing gets boring


Well, it has always been boring for me. 😀 I am not the type to organize things very well so whenever we travel, the day before is so stressful for me. I’m in that predicament now. We’ve planned on going somewhere near than to visit the Philippines. The travel distance that takes about 14 hours […]

Writing and sharing for a cause

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We need funds to be able to travel again soon. 😀 This is one of the main reasons that I opt for blog advertising…both by recommending products or by monetizing my blogs through sidebar ads. At times I still have that doubt but writing, photography and getting paid for doing these two, which I both love by […]