Efficient Styling on the Go with Convenient hair-dryers

Efficient Styling on the Go with Convenient hair-dryers

People who often travel as part of their job or those who simply love to travel a lot can still look their best even while on the move. A small and lightweight pack of their vanity essentials will ensure that beauty routines aren’t neglected during their trips. One such handy essential is a hair dryer that can help give your hair a salon finish look. Those who travel for business meetings can easily lose their crisp and professional look by sporting a damp and clingy hairstyle. Vacation goers may have more time to dry and style their hair as they please but this task can be painstaking without a hair dryer around. Here are some suggested hair dryer models that are convenient for travelling.

hair dryer, Convenient travel hair-dryers

1.    Sedu Revolution Pro Ionic Dual Voltage Travel Dryer. This handy dryer weighs only 1lb but it can dry your hair faster than other travel sized dryers. It is also a versatile tool that offers multiple speed and heat options, dual voltage, and cool shot options. Travelers can also bring along the detachable concentrator nozzle for easier styling. There is no problem with fitting them together in the suitcase as this Sedu Travel Dryer model has a foldable handle and a clean, compact and travel ready design.

2.    T3 Featherweight Journey Hair Dryer. This is a favored model for those who prefer the conveniences of a standard sized dryer in a smaller version. It features 2 speed/heat buttons, foldable handle, dual voltage capacity and accessories to boot. These include a concentrator attachment, Velcro cord wrap and travel bag that makes packing easier.

T3 Featherweight

3.    Conair Power of Pink MiniPRO Tourmaline Ceramic Styler. More than just a compact hair dryer, this tool comes with attachments that allow users to style their hair while on the go. It has a 2 speed/heat setting, dual voltage, removable concentrator and diffuser, and a storage pouch. This dryer comes in a sleek and feminine look with its metallic pink body and white cord. Aside from being a stylish travel tool, the Power of Pink MiniPRO also supports the Breast Cancer Research Foundation through the $1.00 donation from Conair for every purchase of this model.

A travel hair dryer may be a necessity for some but not for all. However, one cannot deny that these tools are handy for travel. There are plenty of compact hair dryers that can fit anybody’s travel needs. So far, these three are some of the popular options in different price ranges. Travelers simply have to decide on how much they want to invest in their travel hair dryer while considering their hair styling needs during travels. With plenty of good options around, they will definitely find their match easily.

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