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May 6, 2012
Family Travel Websites 1
To the beach this summer.


Family travel once in a while is important to bond and to have lasting memories. Sometimes it may be difficult having smaller kids and of different ages. Each of them have different needs that requires planning ahead and different approaches. It all begins with choosing which destination to go to, which is appropriate for having kids around. Safety is as important as enjoyment, distance and travel in comfort as well as price and availability of lodging.


All of these worries are shouldered by family travel sites. There are tips and recommendations of parents who frequently travel with kids, sorted out in categories for different ages. It is also a one-stop shop for baby travelling gears like bags, car seats, swimsuits and hats even harnesses. That harness is very important and would prove helpful to me as well, embrassing as it may, the little girl almost got lost during our trip to Disneyland Paris. Was glad that she didn’t leave to look for us, we went back and found her there, standing at the last spot that we were together….


Such family travel sites also feature booking services for the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and other countries with a feature “popular baby safe destinations.” I was glad to see Vienna listed there and some other places that I would love to visit someday with the kids.

Be sure to check a one-stop family travel website before you decide on your next trip!

Family Travel Websites 2
With Guido, Cars.
  1. long travel with small kids as experienced is not easy, i have to rather need to bring the whole cabinet with me ahaha. it is really important to plan ahead and prepare also the things needed in advance 🙂

  2. I actually have the same dilemma since I’m usually tasked with the planning and budgeting. I may not have kids of my own yet. But I do, and always consider the age brackets of the kids in our family. I’m always tasked to find a vacation spot/resort that will help accommodate everyone’s needs and wants. It can be really tedious but can also be very rewarding later on. 🙂

  3. Glad your daughter didn’t wander around, and therefore it was easy for you to find her where she was. I wish a harness was the answer to tantrums that are thrown when a mom least expects it. I’ve been subjected to this sort of public embarrassments more times that I hoped for. Ah well….

  4. I think travel websites works best for family outings as this is the one you need to be a bit more detail especially if some members have quirks on traveling.

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