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Forgetting Travel Insurance

September 13, 2012

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Vacations are an essential break from everyday routine. It can be likened to exercise. It’s having your muscles replenish after workout by eating some protein-rich food. Or it could be cooling down with a cold shower. It’s also like recharging batteries for future use. You need to refresh your brain cells for it to function better. The cliche “All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy” does hold true.

But, going on a vacation needs proper planning and preparation. Aside from making sure you have your documents, your booking details ready, you’re luggage neatly arranged, you have to consider unforeseen occurrences. I’ve previously blogged about the importance of getting a travel insurance but it’s never a bad thing to be reminded again.

Travel insurance and Peace of Mind

Travel insurance can give you peace of mind when traveling. You know that you are covered if your luggage was to get lost or stolen or if you were to fall ill or (hopefully not) if you meet an accident. Travel insurance doesn’t need to be expensive. Medical bills can certainly be high-priced if you get sick. So does the value of whatever is in your luggage if you lose your suitcase.

travel insurance
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But, all the rush in booking and being excited for your getaway can make you forget ticking that box for insurance while booking online. You might forget telling your booking agent to include it for you. It’s a small mistake that could cost you a lot if you ever get sick or injured while on vacation. That’s double the hassle and so not worth it.

Injury Claims

But fret not, if you get injured while on vacation, it may not be your fault. There are people responsible in keeping public places safe or the hotel floor not slippery. Many injury claims websites explain that your tour operator, airline, and hotel staff should ensure your safety while on vacation. In a sense, they are responsible for your enjoyment and safety.  In cases where you got hurt in a hotel, tripped while on tour or got food poisoned at the hotel restaurant, you may file for personal injury claims.  You can get compensated for the medical expenses eventually incurred with the help of trained lawyers.

Forgetting Travel Insurance
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Personal injury includes a number of types, that’s tripping accidents, road traffic accidents, accidents at work,  assault claims, accidents at home, product defect accidents (product liability) and holiday accidents. There are also medical accidents and conditions that are often classified as industrial disease cases that are entitled for claims.

You know very well that the process of claiming involves attorneys, they cost a lot.  You can have an agreement with your lawyer  regarding the no win no fee claims from such services. It means to take on a personal injury case on the understanding that if they lose the case, you will not have to pay attorney’s fees.

Avoid the Hassle

Having to go through injury instead of enjoying a vacation is a nightmare itself. It may be a long process to file for a claim. This is why it is wiser to  make sure you got everything covered you book and actually head out. And do take care while you’re out enjoying the sun!

Going on a vacation needs proper planning and preparation. Aside from making sure you have your documents, your booking details ready, you're luggage neatly arranged, you have to consider unforeseen occurrences. Most of the time, travel insurance is forgotten, but it should always be considered when planning.
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  1. We never had travel insurance, i guess most don’t think of it when travelling but based on your post, which is true ,travel insurance gives you a peace of mind and enjoy your vacation without worrying about the lost luggage, injury or any untoward incident.

  2. Travel insurance is really important and I experienced some flight delays and being cancelled during our vacation in the Philippines 🙁 the airline staff asked us passengers if we have the travel insurance coz they will not cover our flights being delayed and cancelled 🙁 It was a hassle but lesson learned…next time I will have my vacation,definitely I will add travel insurance with my tickets 🙂

    1. You can instead file a claim Jessica, it was not your fault you got delayed, I think, your inconvenience was caused by the airline, you could try…

  3. It is always good to know when traveling that you are secured or that someone will help you whenever the vacation goes wrong. Gotta enjoy the vacation or else it is a NOcation after all. 🙂 hehehe.. visiting!

  4. We do not have any insurance either since it is very expensive to have one. And if you get sick while you are on vacation it is not a good thing speaking from my experience. And thanks to for the info about claims.

  5. Yep, travelling expenses is already expensive to spend more on injuries or luggage loss while travelling. Let travel insurance cover the latter. Otherwise a claim is your option…

  6. I never had a travel insurance but a cousin of mine did. And lucky her, when she went for a vacation na gamit nya talaga kasi cover din pala dun ung sickness, eh nadala sya sa ospital dahil na allergy sa food

  7. THis is a good thing to keep in mind that when you travel a lot, you must have a travel insurance or know about claims. Thanks for sharing this!

  8. the last thing we want to think of during our travel would be getting sick. vacation should be relaxing not distressing… but if that happened, it would be a good idea to get travel insurance because things happens unexpectedly and it’s better to be cautious than sorry.

  9. We just got travel insurance when we had out out of the country vacation other than that we don’t get one if just in the country get away, yea i hate when we get sick no fun at all

  10. i haven’t experienced yet having a travel insurance when traveling. must be expensive but i’m sure it’s worth having it as it might be expensive to get sick or hospitalized from other countries.

  11. Travel insurance is very important especially if you are going overseas. Emergency medical expenses can get pricey, better be ready with an insurance.

  12. we always don’t get travel insurance every time we travel both domestic and international….it’s important but it’s not necessary.

  13. it is very important for every traveler to ensure her safety, travel insurance i believe is always a must but of course, who wants to use them?

  14. For domestic flights, local travel, I usually don’t get a travel insurance. But for international travel, travel insurance is a must-include when finalizing travel plans.

  15. when you travel all the time you need to have those travel insurance thingy. but for us who seldom travels and used the airplane as a transportation to travel, well.. we dont need is as long as we are prepared, got everything we need, make sure that we are on time at the airport, and check the weather condition.

  16. I believe travel insurance is important especially for those who are frequent travelers. It will be a big help when unexpected circumstances can happen.

  17. I take the risk of not buying travel insurance. I know it is much safer to have travel insurance and I should keep that in mind all the time. Now I know it’s ok too with personal injury claims.

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