Four Safety Travel Tips to Keep in Mind

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^Milan, September 2015

People travel for different reasons, for many though, travelling is their form of escape from boredom and the torture of everyday routine. There are people who have made travelling their way of life, but for most of us, we need travel to add dimension, excitement and adventure to our boring lives. When you travel and discover new sights or new places, you also discover new cultures and meet new people. You discover more about yourself and develop your character in ways you never thought it would. Yes travelling brings with it that heady, thrilling and addictive feeling, but you need to keep your wits around you especially if you’re travelling alone.


A lot of things can happen while you’re miles away from home. It is very important that you are well prepared – mentally, emotionally and physically. Secure your travel fund and ensure that you have an emergency stash or plan B, C and D in case you run short of cash. Consider selling your unused stuff and gadget on a garage sale to add to your fund. Consider the length of your travel and your destination so that you can pack appropriate clothing or footwear. Be sure to bring enough clothing but leave some room for souvenirs too. Once you’ve reached your destination, never be neglectful. Here are some safety travel tips to keep in mind.

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Tallin, Estonia, November 2015

Blend in

Avoid being too flashy and attract unwanted attention from a city you hardly know. Travelling to a new place is not the time to display your Rolex and jewelries. Keep it low and prevent any criminalities from coming to you by blending in and keeping the ostentatious display off for now.

Eyes on Your Bags

Leaving your stuff alone while dining out in a restaurant or in a terminal is a big no-no for tourists and travelers. Keep your bags on your lap or sling the strap around your leg. If you need some shut-eye while waiting for your flight, use those snap on straps to keep your bags close to your body so that nobody will have easy access to it. Secure your gadgets such as your tablet, phones or laptops. Be realistic and avoid being too trusting – there are always people who might want to take your valuables to make money for it.

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London, 2014

Separate and Spread Out

While travelling, it is ideal to divide your finances – money and credit cards in different wallets or pouches. Avoid putting your wallet in your jean’s rear pocket – your front pockets or on your jacket pocket is your best option.

Keep Copies of Your Documents

Be sure to keep a copy of your important documents such as your passport, ticket and others. You can have it scanned, printed or emailed to yourself so that you’ll have them handy in case of emergency.

Yes, it’s a jungle out there, but travel changes people – despite potential dangers on the road, people who travel become more compassionate, kinder, motivated and inspired. Just stay alert and be mindful of the culture, belief and practices on top of these safety travel tips to avoid any untoward incidents while travelling.

Four Safety Travel Tips to Keep in Mind
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