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(Harold and Marie)

Hello Cities! Hello World! We’d like to see all of you! When I was a kid I get very ecstatic whenever my dad would send me postcards…from places that back then I could only see in them-postcards, books, and TV features or documentaries. There were postcards from Greece, Germany, Norway, Netherlands, Belgium and others that I’ve forgotten…but are surely in a memory box hidden at home. Dad also sent pictures with his handwritten description of the places he visited. It was those simple gestures that made me interested in geography, thus, making me want to see many places in person. As a kid,  I enjoyed listening to and reading travel stories that I’ve memorized  the capital of each country on the map. I thought: this would be useful if in case I would able to visit each city later on. ^_^


Today, I’m thankful that I’m able to see places that I used to see only on those postcards and books…

(C, AB, and D)

Join my family in our travels, Europe city breaks, and staycations…..it may not be often but I do hope we’d get to have a lot more.

I originally made this website for me to write on our travel experiences. Now, I’m bringing in the husband, who travels more than I do and our kids who appear occasionally on photos. 🙂

So what would you expect to see in this site? We will try our best to help you by sharing our experiences about any of the below topics.


Travelling with Kids

Why is it important to Travel with your Kids? We believe kids learn best through experience. Like reading books,  kids learn and add knowledge about many things through travelling. It can change their views of themselves, the people and culture, and stereotypes.

Travelling makes kids curious, develops their social skills, and if possible train them in speaking a foreign language. Travelling also makes kids modest: seeing that there is a bigger world out there, and how little space one occupies on earth.

Hello Cities
(walking Venice)

Hello Cities! Itinerary for City Breaks

Going on a vacation is not as easy for a family with 3 kids (read:us). A city break of 2-3 days in a nearby country is the best choice for us when there’s a chance to get away for a weekend. From Vienna, we can travel to the nearest city by train, plane, or car.

Reasons Why You Should Visit a Particular City

Each city has a charm of its own. 

Where to Stay While on Vacation

Apartment? Hotel? Hostel? There are many things to consider when choosing an accommodation when you travel with kids. Before you can say “hello cities!”, you need to find a good place to stay in for the span of your vacation.

Beautiful Beaches and Where To Swim

We love to swim, it’s an activity that we do whenever we get free time. Living in a country where only lakes exist, visiting beaches and other places for swimming is an exciting event.

Drinking in Culture

We try our best to visit at least one museum in a city.

Travel Insurance

Getting travel insurance may seem unimportant but it’s actually a wise decision.

Photos and Videos of Famous Places

Hubby and I enjoy taking photos and videos, this is were we showcase them.

Solo Dad Travels

Because of school, it’s not always possible to travel with the kids and mom.

Solo Mom Travels

Same as above, when school days conflict with travel schedules, dad has to stay behind with the kids.

How to Pack your Stuff

Packing for a trip can be a challenge, more so if you need to pack for 5 people.


What’s best to take home aside from the wonderful memories? Souvenirs, of course. These trinkets don’t only remind of us of the places we visit, they make wonderful coming home gifts. Small as they are, a refrigerator magnet will mean that the person it’s given to is thought of. It will add to their collection displayed at home.

What are your usual choices? Here’s ours:

  • Starbucks mugs = not available in all cities
  • Hard Rock Cafe shirts, mason jars,  bracelet charms = particular to those cities with a branch
  • City Magnets
  • Pretty Rocks = picked up from the road side ^_^

– Gizelle Marie

(Mom of three, writer and photographer by profession, blogger by choice.)



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