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For a couple who decides spontaneously where to go on vacation with the kids, last minute accommodation is the best option. For our trip to Paris, we were able to save a lot for the Disneyland tickets, airfare and hotel accommodation we got from a local agency. We bought the tickets a day before we flew.
Last Minute travel deals have been the trend in the tourism industry and  backpackers and spontaneous travelers around the world who looks for travel discounts have truly benefited from them. However, there are disadvantages as there are advantages.
Last minutes deals are best for those with adventurous spirits and when you’re alone. Why? You have to be flexible and willing to forego of a lot of services and it is seldom to find such deals available for  more than one person.
Also, if you are planning on having a vacation then make sure you get discounts or avail of choice hotels hotel rewards fall promotions, you can stay 3 nights and get free night at participating hotels this autumn season. The promo is not just available in the U.S. but in other countries too like Japan, Portugal, France, Germany and more.


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