The Perfect Cruise for the Family

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Most people take advantage of summer vacations not just to reconnect with relatives, families, and loved ones. They also want to have that much-needed break from school or work. This is the reason why my family and I take some time off from our busy schedules during summertime. This time we planned for something we […]

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Going back to Disneyland Paris

Featured, France, Paris

Going back to Disneyland Paris (DLP) is on our bucket list for some time now. If you’ve been to my other blogs then you’ll know how I complain that time goes really fast. Especially if you have kids. Just yesterday the baby does nothing but sleep and drink milk, now they’re going to school and […]

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Keeping Long Hours of Travel Short on Boredom with Fun Travel Games

Featured, Trains, Travel Tips

Travelling to different places is a fun and exciting way to spend a vacation with the family. However, you may find that the journey to your destination is filled with lots of time and little to do whenever a trip involves long distance travel on cars or trains. Unless you are travelling on board one […]

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Mirabell Palace and Gardens in Salzburg

Austria, Featured, Salzburg

What’s more appropriate to do in Salzburg than visit the special locations it’s famous for? Aside from being the birthplace of music genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Salzburg became known for the film musical The Sound of Music which brought us the songs “Edelweiss“, “My Favorite Things”, “Climb Ev’ry Mountain”, “Do-Re-Mi”, “Sixteen Going on Seventeen”, and […]

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How Not To Get Bored When You Travel Europe by Train

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When in Europe do what Europeans love to do most…travel. Unfortunately, travelling in this continent costs much more than it would in other regions. One savvy way to travel around is through Euro trains. Euro trains’ self-guided rail tour package across Europe gives passengers a taste of historic and European architecture between cities. Travellers get […]

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Salzburg Revisited: Mirabell Gardens

Austria, Salzburg

Salzburg Revisited: Mirabell Gardens in this post. Last summer’s visit at the magical Mirabell Gardens was a rather sweet but short affair. There were still so many things we could have seen but wasn’t able to because of time constraints. So for this trip, I saw to it that we could go around a bit more, and […]

Salzburg Revisited: Hellbrunn Palace/Museum

Austria, Salzburg

Charming, that’s how I’d define the Hellbrunn tour. The Wasserspiele stint was a really fun experience and I thought that it’s just all. So we went out into the back garden of the palace (Ziergarten) after the games. What I didn’t expect would be seeing two opposite scenery perfectly complementing each other. It’s like looking to […]

Top 5 Things to See in Tangier

Travel Plans

Tangier is one of the most interesting holiday destinations in Morocco. The area is a cultural melting pot, offering a mix of African, French and Spanish flavour. Tangier is a thriving port, but it is far from commercialised. If you want to get an authentic taste of Morocco, stay away from the tourist traps and […]

Salzburg Revisited, Watergames at the Hellbrunn Palace

Austria, Salzburg

Salzburg; being the 4th largest city in Austria, it is quite impossible to see the grandeur of this alpine urban in seven hours. But, that’s what we did last summer, got mere seven hours of walking and gawking at the scenery, taking in what our eyes and memory could in a short span of time. […]

Dubai Supercar Hotspots

Travel Tips

  You like fast cars but you only get to see them on Top Gear. What you really want is some kind of car utopia, where it’s normal to see a Lamborghini or an Aston Martin out on the streets and where the infrastructure and industry reflects a deep passion for beautiful machines. Well my […]

A Guide to Scuba Diving in Cancun


Cancun, in the Yucatan Peninsula of Mexico, is sometime called The Glittering City. Exactly what this refers to – it could be either the lights of the buzzing nightclub scene or the sunlight reflecting off of the crystal clear ocean – is unclear, but it is certainly one of the more complimentary city nicknames out […]

Travel Light on a Full Itinerary with Mini Travel Essentials

Travel Tips

Packing. One of the first things one must pay attention to when travelling. Well you’ve read of the many tips on how to travel light or to pack lightly, I personally am not so good in that department. I try to pack neatly, especially when travelling with the kids. What I do is list down the […]

The top five tourist destinations in Asia

Travel Tips

For those that are perhaps a bit bored with the regular vacation destinations, Asia offers a wealth of idyllic, and unique, vacation spots. There are many locations with beautiful beaches, remote islands with tropical palms and fascinating centers of cultural and historical significance. With excellent cheap air flights readily available, travelers can reach any of […]

Smooth and Easy Road Trips for the Whole Family to Enjoy

Travel Tips

Road trips with the whole family can be used as bonding opportunities for the kids and their parents. However, they can also bring some stress even at times when the kids are in their best behavior. Here are some ways to get rid of the stress and inject some fun for the whole gang throughout […]

Exploring Edinburgh’s Added Attractions


European capitals like Edinburgh in Scotland are known for their history, art, architecture, and museums. This Scottish capital’s main attractions include architectural and historical treasures like the Military Tattoo and the Castle. However, those who would like to fully explore the city will find that Edinburgh offers a lot of other fascinating attractions and interesting […]

The One Where Rachelle and I Meet – Part Two (Nuremberg)

Germany, Nuremberg

Germany wouldn’t be Germany without the events and festivals it’s been known for…flooding beers and grilling sausages, rides and amusements – typically where you’d just spend a few bucks having fun while enjoying traditional food and going home with a loot (or a lot) of klumpert! Rachelle and I along with my son, her hubby […]