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Disneyland Paris | France

Disneyland Paris Park – Walt Disney Studios

September 16, 2007


Disneyland Resort Paris’ (DLP) second park is Walt Disney Studios, the first one being Disneyland Park. It’s mostly about Disney’s show business aspect, with some behind-the scenes attractions and lifesize shooting locations from our favourite Disney movies.  It is located 32 km from the center of Paris at a new town called Marnee La Vallée, where most disney-themed hotels are also located and beside the other theme park. It’s a few minutes further away from the railway station Marne-la-Vallée–Chessy compared to Disneyland Park and Disney Village.

We took some photos of all the parks’ entrances before heading to Disney Studios. We were delighted to see the big Mickey ears on the water tank, the Earffel Tower…hubby, comic as usual requested for a photo.

Disneyland Paris Park - Walt Disney Studios 1

Themed Lots

Disney Studios Park is divided into themed lots. The area’s architecture is Hollywood inspired, closely resembling and is a nod to the origins of Disney Studios.

Front Lot

This area houses mostly shops with the Walt Disney Studio Store at the front. You can buy your costumes for the day here. They also sell toys for the little ones, Woody, Stitch, Mickey Mouse, Chicken Little, and all plush toy versions of Disney characters are here. Pens, autograph books are here, too (you need those for the day). Souvenir items as tumblers, clothing, photo frames, bags, umbrellas are there. The teapot and cup sets are also adorable take  homes. The Earffel Tower is located here as well, behind the store (see photo at the bottom of this article, too).

Disneyland Paris Park - Walt Disney Studios La Place des Frères Lumière
La Place des Frères Lumière, seen from the side

La Place des Frères Lumière is the entrance courtyard housing the Fantasia fountain.

Get your DLP Full-Day Ticket with Transpo here.[/pretty-callout]


Disneyland Paris Park - Walt Disney Studios
Partner Statue- Walt Disney and Mickey Mouse / Fantasia fountain and the Earffel Tower

Toon Studio

This lot is dedicated mostly to Pixar movies and some more Disney movies we love. There are characters around you can take pictures with or get autographs from. Yes, this is why you need that autograph book and pen! There are many things to do at Toon Studio, here’s some.

Disneyland Paris Park - Walt Disney Studios 2
Emile and Remy

Get autographs

Having been a new film, one seen recently by many, the line for the Ratatouille characters was long.

Tip: Bring your own pen and autograph book, the DisneyPrincess-designed pen costs 2,90€, the autograph book: 4,90€!

Would have been awesome if Ratatouille could be sampled at a restaurant with Remy, lol!

Update: 2014 – Bistrot Chez Remy, a 370-seater restaurant with oversized interior opened and is serving French cuisine, Ratatouille for the win! 😀

Disneyland Paris Park - Walt Disney Studios 3

Left photo: D with (Disney Pixar) Monsters Inc.’s Mike Wazowski, the only photo were he isn’t crying.

Take Photos With the Mascots and Icons

Take time to photograph your kids around, both beside character displays and with mascots. Just make sure they’re ok with the bigger mascots so they don’t get scared like little D below.

Make sure you are familiar with all the Pixar and Disney movies and you know which your kids’ favourites are. This will make it easier for you to tackle the DLP map.


Disneyland Paris Park - Walt Disney Studios 4
A beside Luigi and C beside Guido in their tire shop (Cars, Disney Pixar).
Sulley scaring a little boy at Disneyland Paris.

This is the reason why D never came near other mascots again. Sulley (again from Monsters Inc.) surely lives up to his name of being the top scarer!


Disneyland Paris Park - Walt Disney Studios 5
A with Minnie Mouse and Mickey Mouse (and dad), we had to wait in line for an autograph and photo op.

Disneyland Paris Park - Walt Disney Studios 6

Chip and DaleC was not in the mood then, so A had all the photo opps with the mascots. This is either Chip or Dale…I cannot tell the difference. =D

We were also in line for Pluto’s autograph but lost the chance because Goofy who did nothing but goof around run away with Pluto somewhere!



This is actually the Production Courtyard housing Hollywood Boulevard, which features Hollywood-inspired street sets and the rides. The second area is rhe Place des Stars themed around the production facilities of movie lots. There’s also a version of Hollywood stars but with mickey heads instead of stars.

Disneyland Paris Park - Walt Disney Studios 7
C on a sweeping broom (Beauty and the Beast) and A at Place des Stars (Hollywood inspired)


The Backlot is themed after actual movie backlots showcasing the  thrills of movies.  It is mostly targeted toward adults.

T’was really fun. The place is huge, but it´s worth moving about, following the crowd, snapping photos and reliving the stories of the cartoon characters we have been familiar with through the years. Walt Disney Studios is surely an awesome place for children but is definitely also for the child-at-heart!



Disneyland Resort Paris' (DLP) second park is Walt Disney Studios. It's mostly about Disney's show business aspect, with some behind-the scenes attractions and real-life shooting locations from our favourite Disney movies. 
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