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birds bathing

On our way to the Louvre we passed by a number of churches, restaurants, statues and fountains. The fountains and other forms of water installation seem to be useful for the birds…they get to drink and bathe there. And what do you know,what I thought of as maya when I was a child were all-over the place!


I said “I thought of” because I grew thinking that the former (until 1995) Philippine National bird are the ones pictured below. Well, no one corrected me then and perhaps we all thought that these are the real maya. Researching though lead me to understand that these are actually  Eurasian Tree Sparrows, which can be found mostly in Southeast Asia, some subspecies in America and of course Eurasia where it got its name but as said I saw them in Paris – in September and in Germany also during autumn and in Vienna last spring.

I read somewhere that they are called German Sparrow as well. 🙂



By the way, the real maya have reddish brown feathers with a black head. It is rightfully called Black-headed Munia which also gained the name maya pula (red maya) to differentiate them from the Eurasian Tree Sparrow.



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  1. Among all the sights and sounds of Paris, you chose the birds! (I’m sure they appreciate it!)


    Feeling rather ducky?
    Here’s what I would do:
    Find a pond or puddle,
    One that’s right for you;
    Take a sturdy life vest,
    Strap it on your back;
    Jump into the puddle,
    Give a little quack!

    © 2011 by Magical Mystical Teacher

    Never-Flowing Fountain

  2. These sparrows are also very commonly seen in Holland (I’m originally from there) -cute shot btw!
    Hope that you’re also going to post something of the Louvre! When we were there I managed to get a shot of the Mona Lisa It was disappointingly small to me, lol!)

  3. hmm.. that’s interesting ( regarding the maya birds)..

    Your photos look great.. I’ll be browsing your blog to see more of your photos..:)

    Here’s my My Tuesday Travel entry – Hanoi, Vietnam .. hope you can drop by!

  4. I really have no idea what a Maya looks like. Except whenever I see those poor birds sold in Luneta. Obviously the water fountain there are clean. The birds wouldn’t even dare land on the fountains found here, hahaha!

    Thank you for visiting my last week’s entry for Tuesday Travels.

  5. You are really gifted Mommy on all the photos you have taken. All I can wish is a dslr camera for us to take to places too. 🙂

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