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Germany | Playmobil Funpark

Playmobil Food

September 25, 2011

For a Funpark as big as Playmobil, restaurants and eating joints are fun because they’ve integrated it in a playful environment as how the park is. Playmobil food is traditionally German. The Burg café is castle inspired, following it’s name (Burg=castle). You can see Playmobil guards stationed up the walls as they would in real life castles of old. As we were having lunch, we opted for the bigger restaurant which offers a wide selection of food and desserts. It’s lovely with glass roofs and a second floor but we opted to dine below, al fresco.

Charming Setup

It was a charming setup of tables in a garden full of flowers and greens. Shutterhappy me was taking photos of the flowers while waiting for the food. There were petunias, cosmos and other flowers I’ve yet to know the names of. Despite having light rains earlier on, the benches and tables were wiped dry and comfy for us to sit on.

Umbrellas by the Buffet

Knowing that the kids would be happy to be back playing, hubby bought them what they could easily eat without forcing them. Chicken fingers and fries…to justify, we’ve been eating healthy at our parent-in-laws house. Always with fish and meat, and a serving of veggies so having this for once is okay. teehee! Also, mom-in-law is a great cook, the kids would always have second servings!

Food for the More Experienced

Dad-in-law had Schweinshaxe or roasted ham hock (or “pork knuckle” and called Stelze in Austria) served with potatoes and a special sauce.

Schweinshaxe/Stelze/Pork knuckle

Hubby and I had the Turkey Schnitzel with fries, would you believe we shared a plate? The serving is good for two and because I have this habit of eating after the kids are done I’m good with it, most of the time, the kids don’t finish theirs. I’ve always done it like this – to not waste food. I’m glad that condiments as ketchup and mayonnaise are free to take and would not cause an extra 0.20cents each…the kids love dipping their fries in them.

playmobil food
Turkey Schnitzel, C with his pudding and chicken fingers, fries

Food for Young Palates

For dessert, son1 had chocolate pudding while dawty had Milchreis. It’s rice cooked slowly in milk making it sticky. It is eaten hot or cold which would remind me of Champorado back home, rice with cocoa powder and sugar – especially when we put Ovaltine on top. Milchreis is served with that, or either chocolate powder, applesauce or a combination of cinnamon and sugar.

That’s son1 with his fries (and unseen chicken fingers) and chocolate pudding , he kept  annoying his older sister. That’s annoying C plastered on his face and on the right is the face of an annoyed sister….

Milchreis playmobil food
Milchreis and annoyed A
Milchreis mit cinnamon
Milchreis mit cinnamon

Playmobil Funpark
Brandstätterstraße 2 -10
90513 Zirndorf, Germany



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  1. Makes me remember how mom needed to eat the food on our plate back when we were kids. 🙂 Turkey Schnitzel sounds so good… I only got to taste the pork kind. 🙂

    Thanks for linking up to Weekend Eating, G.

  2. Wow, love the wooden benches talaga, surrounded by trees. Im sure it’s a great place to relax para namnamin ang pagkan. Hehe. Visiting from Green Monday.


  3. Kapag ganyan naman ang place mapapakuha ka talaga ng pictures. I want to try Turkey Schnitzel. Haven’t tried Turkey yet. Plus it comes with fries! Visiting via Weekend Eating.

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