Playmobil Funpark, 6 years after

Fürth, Playmobil Funpark /


For the kids, visiting their grandparents means fun…Aside from their oma’s cooking (grandmom) they enjoy walking around the place and swimming at the nearby pool. There’s also almost always a mention of Playmobil Funpark. It’s just a few minutes from their place. Just like before, dad-in-law would bring the first batch there (car is small for all of us) then come back for the second. First batch this time were mom-in-law, daughter and our youngest. Kuya C (my older son) stayed behind and went with hubby and I next. It was unusual since he is my mom-in-law’s favorite and he would always go with her without a doubt when invited.



aged 8 and 10

Daddy and D


The last time we were there we were only 4 and I posted about it here…look at the photo of my 2 older kids in that post…They were then 2 and 4! Now, they’re 8 and 10…I was pregnant then with my youngest but he’s 5 now…I specifically asked them to pose – the two older kids together as a comparison to how young they were when we went. Although they went here 2 summers ago without me – only with my in-laws, I never saw photos.



ship daddy and son
that big ship

Little boy wasn’t in the mood for photos, Daddy has to convince him to. The place is as colorful as I remember, Playmobil giant figures multiplied in number, a lot more water-play sections were added, there’s a mini-golf course now and if you haven’t been to our new blog, please do, we’re having a giveaway there.

Street signs

ship daddy and son

Playmobil Funpark New Features


We did a lot of stuff, kids played to their heart’s content and I took photos as long as the battery lasts. Will show them here as the days progressed. This is surely another trip where hubby and I released our inner child. 🙂

The place is not only fun it was also very scenic. It rained a bit in the morning but the sky was a lovely blue at noon.

Playmobil Funpark
Brandstätterstraße 2 -10
90513 Zirndorf, Germany



Playmobil is as colorful as we remember, Playmobil giant figures multiplied in number, a lot more water-play sections were added, there's a mini-golf course, too.
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19 Replies to “Playmobil Funpark, 6 years after”

  1. i bet kids and “kids-alike” did have a great time there.
    will check the giveaway…baka luck would finally give in 🙂

  2. Wow! How beautiful, both grown up and kids would enjoy this place. A great family outing. Love those life size characters.

    Yes, time flies, kids grow fast, some times they grow taller than us!

    Enjoyed it!

  3. Hallo Mirage, abstimmen geht so: Klicke da wo steht: Hier gehts zum Voting. Dann sieht du unter jedem Teilnehmer ein voting sternchen. Daneben klickst du, wenn du den Beitrag wählst. Das kannst du dann 5x tun, wenn du magst. Das ist alles! LG Tina

  4. You surely had lots of fun here as shown by your nice photos. Thanks for taking us with you in your travels.
    Thanks too for visiting my site and for the comment. Regards.

  5. Your kids are adorable and so is the place. Every time hubby and I want to release the inner child in us, we go to Quezon Memorial circle. It’s not as lovely as the playmobil funpark but the place is nice for the whole family.

  6. Oh my god, those statues are so cute! This looks like such a fun place to take kids, I wish I’d been there when I was little! Maybe when I have young ones of my own? 🙂


  7. ooh, i so love the giant figures, they are really cute, i wonder if there is small miniature of that as a souvenir.

    Thanks for sharing!

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