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Salzburg’s Version of the Cycle Rickshaw

September 10, 2012

I’m all for something new. When traveling, I am awed by the sights, I get enamored by the picturesque, I get enchanted with the bizarre and I would probably try the extreme if I’m not a born scaredy cat. But what I do most when traveling is look for what’s familiar, whatever would remind me of home. You might say that’s impossible, Asia and Europe are very dissimilar what could I perhaps find? Well, here’s one – I found Salzburg’s version of the Pedicab or cycle rickshaw or bike taxi.


Being a small-scale means of transport, these tricycles are only meant for touring. Unlike in Asian countries where it functions as a means to transport goods and passengers. In Salzburg, it is only a means of entertainment. You get to tour around the historical city (or part of) in a personal pedal-driven sort of carriage. ^_^

Did I try it? No, cheapskate me would rather walk than spend a precious 19€ for a 20-25 minute ride. Other price ranges include 39€ for 35-45 minutes, 45€ for 40-50 minutes and 55€ for a full hour.

Looking closely, this rickshaw has a different make than the usual ones I see. The bike/driver seat is behind the passenger seat when I’m used to those where the passenger seats are located beside the driver. Such design makes it easier for the passenger to see everything as there are no distractions in front or beside them. There are of course a lot more different designs and there are even those that are electrically-powered.

Viennese #rickshaw #tricycle
Viennese #rickshaw

So how do rickshaws look in your part of the world? I’m really curious. Here’s how we roll in Vienna, rickshaw style:

rickshaw tricycle
red, Germany has these too as most in the region

And this is how a tricycle in a far-flung town in the Philippines would be like…well, not always but, for the sake of posterity here’s how a fully-packed tricycle looks.


  1. Awwww, reminds me of our “pampasaherong trisikel” when we were kids…I do love the German (red) version though…so chic…

  2. How can any country overtake the tricycles in the Philippines?? Look at the last photo and you already know the answer.

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