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South Africa

Stunning Shorelines: The Best of South African Beaches

October 24, 2013


South Africa is a beautiful and vibrant country, and with such a vast history – both devastating and exciting – there’s so much for tourists to experience here. With millions of people visiting South Africa every year, there’s no doubt that it’s stunning countryside, museums, restaurants and bars offer a wealth of entertainment, and one of the highlight attractions will always be its glorious beaches. From dolphins and whales to beach sports and finishing excursions, South Africa’s beaches are the hub of some of the most cultured and social activity in the country, and if you’re thinking about visiting this magnificent country this year, you’re going to need to know which ones to visit!

Eastern Cape – Port St Johns, The Wild Coast

Both iconic and beautiful, Port St Johns can be found on South Africa’s Eastern Cape, and it one of the most visited shorelines in the country. Although it’s fairly undeveloped, there’s no underestimating the natural beauty of this beach, with hubs of tropical beauty everywhere you look. Furthermore, the water is some of the warmest of the coastline, meaning it’s popular with swimmers and surfers alike.

Port Elizabeth

Another of the Eastern Cape’s tourist hotspots, Port Elizabeth is a little more commercial than Port St Johns, mainly because it’s port and marina are still active trading destinations. Protected by the gentle curves of Algoa Bay, Port Elizabeth’s shoreline is peaceful and calm, juxtaposed to the hustle and bustle of the port in many ways. With safe surfing and swimming, as well as offering a number of bars overlooking the sea, Port Elizabeth is a must-visit beach destination, especially if you’re holidaying with the family.

East London

A far cry from the east part of England’s capital, South Africa’s East London is a laid back but thriving community, offering a beach culture like no other. With golden sand, historic rocks and spectacular scenery, this is a beach for cameras and long walks, and you might even pump into a campfire or two!

south african beaches
cape vidal

KwaZulu-Natal – Cape Vidal, iSimangaliso Wetland Park

Not only one of the finest beaches in the whole of South Africa, but one of the finest beaches in the World! Stunning snow-white stand lines the shores as marine life thrives from the ocean’s minerals, and with humpback whales as well as dolphins patrol the waters, this is a natural attraction that shouldn’t be missed.

Umhlanga Rocks

Located just north of the city of Durban, Umhlanga’s beaches are most lively during the school holidays in South Africa. People travel from all over the country to visit the exciting and diverse sands here, and there are plenty of activities to take advantage of, including surfing competitions and mini festivals. Make the most out of your holiday in South Africa this year by booking your airfares at http://www.cheapflights.co.za – there are so many great deals to take advantage of!

South Beach, Durban

This is one the highlights of Durban’s famous ‘Golden Mile’, and it’s a hotspot for swimming and surfing. From mini markets selling handmade goods, to live music and beach sports, this is the place to bring the family, and there are loads of restaurants overlooking the beach too, just in case you get hungry!

Stunning Shorelines: The Best of South African Beaches 1

Stunning Shorelines: The Best of South African Beaches 2
Umhanga Lighthouse


  1. Nice sea front views! 🙂
    Eons ago, when I’ve heard about Africa, the first thing that register on my mind are forest and safari (with giraffe) 😛

  2. South Africa has lots of beautiful places to offer to tourists. I just hope the local government of Africa could do something about the poverty there.

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