Venice Revisited

Italy, Venice

^By the border of Italy and Austria at dawn. Visiting any city in Italy means going the scenic route. No matter how many hours that route would be, 5, 7 or 9, it’s a surefire beautiful and awesome opportunity to take drive by shots. It means even waking up as early as 5 in the […]

Rome Alone

Italy, Rome

Five hours in the Eternal City is never enough to cover and discover all that this enchanting commune has to offer. That’s what I had though when hubby and I went “roaming alone in Rome” for some me-time. It includes the challenge of not taking a taxi, just the trains. 😀 Hesitation was my feeling at […]

Beaches a Lignano

Italy, Lignano

  That we live far from the sea is something I often complain about and compare to my days growing up. We would often hit the beach when summer comes and we’d spend a day getting all sun-burned, eating what the grown ups brought with them or grilled by the coals provided at the rented […]

Lignano Plaza at Night

Italy, Lignano, Night Shots

You’ll recognize the top photo as part of this blog’s header. This shot has been a favorite from our Lignano trip. It was around 8pm but as usual, the summer dusk is a perfect blue. A palm tree is characteristic of the plaza along with other trees I’m not familiar with. What’s charming in this […]