Pizza and Pasta-where they’re originally from


This post was intended for a food theme but I’m revising it a little to fit the “Wet September” theme for Tuesday Travels. Photo above was taken at a beach in Lignano, Italy…though the sands were not as white as Boracay’s, the kids enjoyed it there and had a full week of fun – swimming […]

Lignano – Plaza, Souvenir, Shops

Italy, Lignano

Lignano is certainly one of the few clean towns I’ve been to. Very seldom would you find a piece of trash on the street. There are lots of garbage bin around for all the trash. Everything is spic and span….gotta salute the municipal leaders for implementing cleanliness and the citizens for keeping the place clean. […]

Beaches a Lignano

Italy, Lignano

  That we live far from the sea is something I often complain about and compare to my days growing up. We would often hit the beach when summer comes and we’d spend a day getting all sun-burned, eating what the grown ups brought with them or grilled by the coals provided at the rented […]

Lignano Plaza at Night

Italy, Lignano, Night Shots

You’ll recognize the top photo as part of this blog’s header. This shot has been a favorite from our Lignano trip. It was around 8pm but as usual, the summer dusk is a perfect blue. A palm tree is characteristic of the plaza along with other trees I’m not familiar with. What’s charming in this […]