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September 6, 2011

Since we got kids, Hubby and I traveled with them to many places. I haven’t traveled far alone yet since our marriage but he had at one time traveled without us for business purposes. Sometime last month he told me that he’d be leaving again in October for a US tour and a side-trip to Canada. It was a response to an invitation from his aunt. Shock was my initial reaction but I think opposing his decision will not be wise. (ssshhh) It is anyway a good time to visit friends there, particularly in California, Seattle, Las Vegas and New York. He could also go snowboarding in Vancouver and visit our newborn nephew in Winnipeg.

His plans include stays with friends but at hotels too…perhaps a night or two at a hotel in Las Vegas. Hubby is not into casinos and gambling so I doubt if he’d be hooked but I bet he’ll enjoy their breakfast feast and buffets. We’ve been browsing New York hotels listed at Letsgo2.com particularly for short-stays but knowing New York, he’d surely stay here the longest. Shopping, Broadway, the Statue of Liberty, the Museum of Modern Art, world-renowned Central Park and the infrastracture opposite it – the American Museum of Natural History are a few of the many reasons to see and stay at the Center of the Universe or more commonly known as the Big Apple.

US and Canada Tour
Times Square

Just thinking of hubby’s trip excites me yet it saddens me too knowing that the kids and I won’t be sharing the adventure with him. October is still school-month so if he ever decides that we should come with him, it ain’t possible. Here’s hoping that he’d skip it off to December…teehee!

  1. I hope the hubby finds way to skip his trip so you can all go in December. The Big Apple sure is one amazing place to visit + to go there with the whole family will make the trip even more worthwhile 😉

  2. Wow, buti ka pa sis. richness 😉 hangang New York lang ako. I wish to visit Washington state, Washington D.C. Florida Texas Arizona and California someday.

  3. The companies my hubby worked for before always wanted him to travel but he always declined because he wants me to go with him. I think I know what you’re feeling but I hope that the rest of the family still get to travel the same destination that he’s having real soon. At least you’ll have a tour guide because he’s been there once before 😉

  4. wow, just like me, i always love to be on tour with my family whether locally yet. i hope to visit vegas where my sister is, too.

  5. that would be one hell (or heaven) of a trip. i’ve always wanted to visit MOMA. too bad you won’t get to tag along. but there’s always a next time…=)

  6. aw, the life of a jet-setter. i agree, u should follow suit on ur hubs whims or u might be out of tickets 🙂
    visiting ur link thru FBU. Hope to see u.

  7. When you go to a place for the first time, it is always best to “see” the site because you do not know when you will be back again.

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