Vacation Destinations for my Girly Gang

Vacation Destinations for my  Girly Gang

A vacation in any destination is always more fun when it is spent with great company. This is one of the reasons why girly holidays are some of the best vacations that women enjoy. You can expect full attendance among female buddies whenever such excursions are scheduled. The only difficult stage in planning for these holidays is in choosing the destination. Here are some good options I picked for girly getaways that will give the whole gang a good time.

^Be adventurous – Cornwall

1. United Kingdom (UK). There is no need to travel far to have a good time with your girly buddies, simply look at what the UK has to offer and take your pick for a relaxing getaway. City dwellers can get a whiff of the fresh air and a scenic countryside tour by taking advantage of car hire holiday deals. You can choose from a trip to the majestic mountains of Wales and enjoy their warm welcome, a drive to the West Country for a laid back weekend in a cozy cottage, or go to the Scottish Highlands and experience a quiet mountain retreat or some action and adventure activities. Cornwall beaches are also a wonderful go to, there’s enough lakes, coves to go to, but Chapel Porth is, handsdown, the best spot. You and your girl friends can pick any or all of these adventures for your next road trip.

2. Venice, Italy. One can voluntary lose themselves in the streets of Venice and find their way back to the main roads with a wealth of tidbits about the city. Italy is a great choice for girls who would like to add some sophistication in their holidays. Book a Tuscan Villa or get a room in a luxury city hotel then delve into everything that the city has to offer. This can range from an upscale designer shopping experience at the Milan Quadrangle or a breathtaking trip that showcases the beauty of the Neapolitan Riviera.

Take a gondola, or a vaporetto if you prefer to tour around the canals, it’s a must. We do love walking, but it gets tiring, too. Shopping and dining in Venice is always a good way to bond…but for the artsy bunch, Venice is also a good place to go (although Florence is my top pick for the arts).

fun gondola ride- Venice

3. Greece. Get away from the daily stress and career pressure by leaving traces of modernity behind and heading off to the superb sunsets and gorgeous beaches in Greece. The clear blue waters and superb white sand are enough to create a relaxing ambiance. Add some little taverns in the picture and you got a perfect island getaway for the whole gang. Don’t forget to wear bright-colored dresses and have a photo of yourself: solo. We just love photos!

walk and be awed- Santorini

oia, oh ja!

4. Lanzarote, Spain. Girls who love the sun and the sand along with a bit of Sangria will definitely adore a trip to Spain. They have everything to offer from cosmopolitan city centres that offer dining and shopping experiences, the sandy Costas where the girls can bask in the sun and enjoy the beach, or resort spas that offer great views of the Spanish coast along with some relaxing massage. Those who are seeking some action and adventure can try some of their outdoor activities like horseback riding or cycling. A whole week spent at one of the many lovely Puerto del Carmen villas, for example, is worth a lifetime of memories.

Hop from playa to playa and get a natural tan on the beautiful beaches as you go, every beach at Puerto del Carmen is worth going to. Depending on the time of the day, you can go wine tasting, bar and club-hopping, go speed boating, waterskiing, jetskiing, surfing. If you are on a more relaxed mood, go to one of their excellent spas, movie theaters, or simply: shop. And of course, if you’re like us who loves food, Food tour is the best option. 😀

relaxing somewhere – Puerto del Carmen

5. Phuket, Thailand. Get your girl friends together for an exciting trip to Thailand. Thai food is one of our favorites, so that’s a given. Aside from experiencing Asian culture, the girly gang can also witness some striking seaside views and some wild entertainment on the side. Try their full moon parties and risqué cabaret for an unforgettable trip that curious and adventurous women would love.

phuket, girl adventures
Practicing photography in Thailand…

Whichever of the above city you choose is a surefire way to bond your girly gang. Going would mean learning a lot more of each other, as the advice goes “If you really want to get to know someone, travel with them…” it opens a lot of opportunities to discover one and the other when in a different city and situation. Have fun!

14 thoughts on “Vacation Destinations for my Girly Gang

  1. I would love to go on a girly excursion to another country. Though it seems like most people my age, and not just girls/women, are too much in debt to allow for that luxury, or are not able to take off due to career/educational/familial duties. I think anywhere within the coasts of the Mediterranean would be a nice place to visit, and not necessarily just the south of France. I think the UK would be a nice choice just as long as it also involves taking a peek outside of the London metropolitan area, because there is a lot more to see outside the historic tourist locales.

  2. I have never had a group of friends that would like to travel to another country with me, but if I did I would suggest Italy. This information is good for those of you that have a group of friends, I will share this information

  3. I definitely recommend Venice! A good bonus in addition to the stores, views and gondolas is the bridges! There’s a bridge every few streets and our tour guide joked that it helped keep people fit. 🙂 I know that after walking up and down those stairs all day really made me feel like I’ve exercised!

  4. Good selection.
    But Rio de Janeiro (Brazil) is also a great destination for girly trips.
    Cool urban beaches, the nightlife, the samba and the adorable people. A drink at the trendy hotel Fasano is a must.
    And a side trip to Buzios, the fishermen village ‘discovered’ by Brigitte Bardot in the early 60’s makes the trip complete.

  5. Not quite so romantic and awesome as the places mentioned above my girlfriends and me like the carribean a lot and on the east coast Myrtle Beach, Hilton Head and Tybee Island in GA.

  6. These destinations are simply beautiful. I would love to go to Spain, but I think I would take my husband. A girly trip would be nice, but some place so beautiful I would want my husband with me, he is my best friend!

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