Vacationing Like a Local

Everybody does need a little time away from it all. Whatever your preoccupations are in this busy journey called life, you just have to take a breather once in a while. If you happen to be a businessman looking to do a Hugh Grant a la Notting Hill, then traveling to a different city like London may be a quick respite for you.

Just when you thought traveling in style and comfort couldn’t get any better, along comes Onefinestay. It puts the idea of city travel in a whole new light.

Onefinestay is a service which pools together members who agree to have their apartment or house rented out to transient visitors while they’re out of town. They earn income from their house which would otherwise remain idle while they’re away. As a member, you wouldn’t have to worry about marketing or insurance. Onefinestay has got you covered down to the provision of linens and cleaning of your house.

It was launched in London in May 2010 and then expanded to New York in May 2012. Their website has a listing of over 500 homes, with prices ranging from £150 a night for a cozy one bedroom apartment to £1,000 a night for a grand townhouse.

What’s nice about their service is that they offer all the perks and convenience of staying in a plush hotel while giving you the chance to live like a local in whatever city you’re staying. For instance, guests are treated to luxury amenities such as five-star hotel linens and toiletries from The White Company in London and Kiehl’s products in New York.

As if that weren’t enough, onefinestay lends you an iPhone for the entire length of your stay. You can make free local calls from this phone, and it’s loaded with local tips from the homeowner. You’ll feel like a celebrity sans the paparazzi, because you’ll manage to pull off acting like a local.

Onefinestay’s vision is clear. They hope to give city travellers a whole new world of experience. Today, London and New York… tomorrow, the world!



12 thoughts on “Vacationing Like a Local

  1. It is good that in every accommodation,you should feel relax staying on that place.Onefinestay has a good service wherein they can lend you iPhone,can make local calls.

  2. Nice to know that a place like this one still out there. It is nice to have a place where you can stay comfortably and feel good..

  3. definitely a nice place to visit, no question about that. Just by looking at the photos and the amenities mentioned is indeed luxurious but worth it of course

  4. I want to try this but I always travel with a kid. Sometimes they don’t allow kids in their homes. I can understand that. Perhaps when Gwen is a bit older…

  5. every body really needs a breather. and an escape from reality. hubby and i go out like ones a month just to have fun, relax and enjoy with the kids

  6. This is something new to experience. I honestly like this idea though, it’s like vacationing in a friend’s house except you don’t have that friend with you. Plus free iPhone usage? You couldn’t get any better than that.

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