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Venice – I Spy Orange

May 31, 2011
venice, orange
orange flowers

In Venice, orange, yellow and pink are the dominant colors. Buildings and flowers and souvenir shops exhibit these colors adding charm to Venice’s already colorful history.

A turn here and there would reveal one colorful building after the other. It may not be reliable to use building colors when giving instructions on how to find a certain place. ^_^

venice orange
unlike corners
venice toy store
a toy store (more on brown)

Since Venice relies on water for transportation, most of the streets are smaller, passing as alleys fit for a person or two or perhaps a bike/motorcycle. (I’m trying to remember ifI ever even saw a car on the streets.)

Seriously, I might have lost 10 kilos by now if I live in Venice. The bridges, stairs and all the walking would certainly be a big help.

venice flowers
flower wall

I spy hubby there too!  Happy 10th anniversary Moks, I almost forgot. lol^_^



  1. Ay, halos lahat ng ng building orange, o kong hindi man close to orange ang color. hehehe can’t definitely use the color to point if somebody’s asking for a certain building..hahaha baka mawala pa. Great share po.

  2. So pretty!

    Late bloghopping for OT, I am literally OT lol. Hope you can drop by.

    Also wants to invite/remind you to join Nostalgia today. Hope you can join the fun!

  3. Venice is one of my fave city too, going there and spending a holiday is definitely on my bucket list

    Check out my entry here too, have a great weekend!
    I Love Darly!
    Food and Passion

  4. galing mo talaga kumuha ng photo sis..
    ay ganun? puro orange?
    Thanks for joining Orange Tuesdays!. hope you can join again this Tuesday sis..

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