Water Glass Music

Or Glass Harp, is a made up instrument of upright wine glasses filled with water or sometimes the goblet are grinded to create a certain pitch. The player runs moistened or chalked fingers around the rim of the glasses for them to create sounds or pitch. On our way back to the station, hubby and I found a wine glass musician and we stayed to listen of course.

Those playing glass harps are often seen in different cities but in Venice, rightfully called the city of waters, it is but fitting to see a musician with this instrument.

If you’ve watched Sandra Bullock in Miss Congeniality, you will recall that she played the glass harp during the talent portion of the contest in the movie. There are many other musicians known to use the glass harp, one of the most notable is the band Pink Floyd during the recording of “Shine On You Crazy Diamond” on their Wish You Were Here album, recorded and released in 1975.

Would have stayed longer to listen but we’re still supposed to find souvenirs.

6 thoughts on “Water Glass Music

  1. we have watched something like this, i really clapped a lot, it is truly a gift to play on an instrument like the water glass music, for i tried it also yet i can’t even create a good key ahaha

  2. There’s one on youtube – Harry Potter’s ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’ It’s wickedly delightful. The guy looks keen on his art. I love glass harp music.

  3. This is super nice. This is the first time I see this kind of talent. Not sure if we have someone here in the Philippines know have that talent too.

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