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Keeping Long Hours of Travel Short on Boredom with Fun Travel Games

By on August 8, 2012
looking out the window
Kids can’t stay like this for long.

Travelling to different places is a fun and exciting way to spend a vacation with the family. However, you may find that the journey to your destination is filled with lots of time and little to do whenever a trip involves long distance travel on cars or trains. Unless you are travelling on board one of qantas business class planes, planning activities for the journey should be part of your travel plans to keep your family holidays boredom free and interesting from start to finish.

windows xp, watch movie train travel
Old tab, for watching films…

So what do you do when you travel by train? Travelers who don’t get motion sickness while travelling may entertain themselves by reading a book or magazine (that’s me!), working on crossword or Sudoku puzzles (son 1), and watching movies on a portable DVD (hubby). You may also bring along portable game consoles or gadgets for kids who can’t live without their video games. Those who are prone to motion sickness are better off sleeping during most parts of the journey.

Classic games that promote bonding in the family are the best travel games that parents can teach their techie kids. It can be a refreshing change from the impersonal gadget games that they are used to. Travel friendly board games for classic games like backgammon, chess, monopoly etc. are easily available in toy stores. A deck of cards can also pack loads of fun for a family trapped in a moving train for long hours. Numerous card games like Go Fish, Crazy Eight, Poker, Slap Jack and others, can keep both kids and adults preoccupied in the entire trip.

There are also word games that you can play with kids of varying ages like the game we call Starting Letter Factory. The game starts by choosing a letter and a category base for the words (i.e. Letter D, animals). Each player will give a name of an animal that starts with the letter D (i.e. dog, donkey, etc.). A player who runs out of animal names gets taken out of the game and the last player standing is the winner. Older kids can make the game more interesting or challenging by adding a consequence for the first person taken out of the game like singing a song or doing a favor for the winner. The first player who gets taken out of the first round usually starts the second round of the game.

psp, ds train
It is best to choose a train cabin when traveling with kids.

Family travel games that allow interaction between kids and adults are the most fun games that you can choose for long hours of traveling by train or car. However, keep in mind that there are also other passengers in the train and be conscious with the amount of noise or movements that your party makes on the train. Long journeys can pass quickly when everyone is travelling with fun company.

drive by photos
While kids are busy playing, mommy does drive by shots.

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Travel Europe by Train

By on May 20, 2012
öbb red
An Austrian red train going outside the country.
When in Europe do what Europeans love to do most…travel. Unfortunately, travelling in this continent costs much more than it would in other regions.

One savvy way to travel around is through Euro trains. Euro trains’ self-guided rail tour package across Europe gives the passengers historic and European architecture information by travelling to different cities. Travelers get to visit key regions and view the classic scenery each country boasts. Passengers can get off at certain destinations to explore more of the region giving their experience of Europe a more detailed touch. As the high speed Trains take you on the scenic route, you learn more about the ecology, culture and history of Europe in the process.

You can grab a really cheap package deal to get to popular destinations like Amsterdam, Netherlands, Brussels, Disneyland Paris for the kids or a romantic weekend in Paris for you and your special one! Get your Euro tickets from the Euro Trains website that offer different kinds of travel packages that suit your needs. You can find the best deal for families, business or students. Information on train schedules & timetables are also provided.

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Family Travel Websites

By on May 6, 2012
To the beach this summer.


Family travel once in a while is important to bond and to have lasting memories. Sometimes it may be difficult having smaller kids and of different ages. Each of them have different needs that requires planning ahead and different approaches. It all begins with choosing which destination to go to, which is appropriate for having kids around. Safety is as important as enjoyment, distance and travel in comfort as well as price and availability of lodging.


All of these worries are shouldered by family travel sites. There are tips and recommendations of parents who frequently travel with kids, sorted out in categories for different ages. It is also a one-stop shop for baby travelling gears like bags, car seats, swimsuits and hats even harnesses. That harness is very important and would prove helpful to me as well, embrassing as it may, the little girl almost got lost during our trip to Disneyland Paris. Was glad that she didn’t leave to look for us, we went back and found her there, standing at the last spot that we were together….


Such family travel sites also feature booking services for the US, Canada, Australia, Europe and other countries with a feature “popular baby safe destinations.” I was glad to see Vienna listed there and some other places that I would love to visit someday with the kids.

Be sure to check a one-stop family travel website before you decide on your next trip!

With Guido, Cars.

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