Going back to Disneyland Paris

France, Paris

Going back to Disneyland Paris (DLP) is on our bucket list for some time now. If you’ve been to my other blogs then you’ll know how I complain that time goes really fast. Especially if you have kids. Just yesterday the baby does nothing but sleep and drink milk, now they’re going to school and […]

All the Nice things in Nice

France, Nice

  We’ve established from the previous posts that when in Rome, you’re told to do as the Romans do.  But when you happen to find yourself in the vicinity of Nice, France, you don’t have to try too hard to pose as a dignified Frenchman or a lady with her nose up in the air.  Just be […]

Messy mini

Disneyland Paris, France, Paris

These photos were 4-years-old. 😀 Good thing I have them uploaded on Facebook…I’ve been digging old photos, statuses and notes on FB when I saw this. Perfect entry for Messy go round. 🙂 It was a perfect Autumn day – just the right weather – comfortably sunny and windy that going around Disneyland is fun […]


France, Paris

There was a time when I was so fascinated with all kinds of lamps, I’d take photos of them wherever we are. These are some I took while at the Disneyland Resort Paris. The top on an early morning as we were on line to enter Disney Studios. Below is while waiting for the fireworks […]

Parisian Birds

France, Paris

On our way to the Louvre we passed by a number of churches, restaurants, statues and fountains. The fountains and other forms of water installation seem to be useful for the birds…they get to drink and bathe there. And what do you know,what I thought of as maya when I was a child were all-over the […]

The Louvre revisited

France, Paris

Marie, reminiscing: Some years ago we visited the Louvre…I was really delighted. It was a dream come true for the wannabe painter in me. As a kid, I’ve always admired the works of great artists as Monet and Van Gogh…then of course I only get to see their works on books and encyclopedias. My favorites […]

Paris – Eiffel Tower

France, Paris, Tour Eiffel

We weren’t very fortunate when we visited the Eiffel Tower. 😛 It was not the best weather, it was drizzling…not much but still. Nothing can stop us from seeing the famous Tour Eiffel. Rain or shine we braved it and took even a few shots from below, from the front but not above. 🙁 Can’t […]

Paris – Louvre Museum with Kids

France, Louvre, Museums

The present-day Louvre has been the result of a series of successive building projects completed over the past 800 years. (Wikipedia page). It is located on the Right Bank in the 1er arrondissement between the Rue de Rivoli and the Seine River, the same river that flows to where the Eiffel tower is. Home to […]