Venice Revisited

Italy, Venice

^By the border of Italy and Austria at dawn. Visiting any city in Italy means going the scenic route. No matter how many hours that route would be, 5, 7 or 9, it’s a surefire beautiful and awesome opportunity to take drive by shots. It means even waking up as early as 5 in the […]

Rome Alone

Italy, Rome

Five hours in the Eternal City is never enough to cover and discover all that this enchanting commune has to offer. That’s what I had though when hubby and I went “roaming alone in Rome” for some me-time. It includes the challenge of not taking a taxi, just the trains. 😀 Hesitation was my feeling at […]

Finding Pink in Venice

Italy, Venice

^Pink buildings and some boats by the Grand Canal Visiting Venice is like walking in history itself, definitely one of the more beautiful cities man has built. Taking its character from the influence of Napoleon Bonaparte and surviving two world wars, Venice today in its entirety is listed as a World Heritage Site. Every turn and […]

Venice, the City of Waters


Venice, the City of Waters and also the City of Bridges, is a good place to visit for people who likes to take pictures. Here starts our (mine and hubby’s) Venice adventure.  We dropped off at the Cannaregio, the district most convenient as a base for those who arrive by car or train, as both […]

Pizza and Pasta-where they’re originally from


This post was intended for a food theme but I’m revising it a little to fit the “Wet September” theme for Tuesday Travels. Photo above was taken at a beach in Lignano, Italy…though the sands were not as white as Boracay’s, the kids enjoyed it there and had a full week of fun – swimming […]

Lignano Beach

Italy, Lignano

It’s summer once again. Where are you headed? “To the beach,” I think, would be the dominant answer. My kids certainly would say that too. I personally am not a beach person…I practically grew up going to beaches but having brown for a skin color would mean a much darker complexion after spending an hour […]

Venice – City of Windows too!

Italy, Venice

To be in the city were Venetian blinds are named after, it was surprising to find that not much of them are in use there. Or perhaps it was still early that I haven’t spotted much when hubby and I were walking their streets. It’s acknowledged that window blinds were first used in Asia; the […]

Venice – I Spy Orange

Italy, Venice

In Venice, orange, yellow and pink are the dominant colors. Buildings and flowers and souvenir shops exhibit these colors adding charm to Venice’s already colorful history. A turn here and there would reveal one colorful building after the other. It may not be reliable to use building colors when giving instructions on how to find a […]

Lignano – Plaza, Souvenir, Shops

Italy, Lignano

Lignano is certainly one of the few clean towns I’ve been to. Very seldom would you find a piece of trash on the street. There are lots of garbage bin around for all the trash. Everything is spic and span….gotta salute the municipal leaders for implementing cleanliness and the citizens for keeping the place clean. […]


Italy, Trash Features, Venice

It’s a bit sad that while on tour you’d see how much trash accumulates in Venetian waters. On a brighter note, they all come up to on one side, it’s easy to scoop them out….Really though, how can tourists and local alike be of no concern?