Vacation Destinations for my Girly Gang

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A vacation in any destination is always more fun when it is spent with great company. This is one of the reasons why girly holidays are some of the best vacations that women enjoy. You can expect full attendance among female buddies whenever such excursions are scheduled. The only difficult stage in planning for these […]

Four Safety Travel Tips to Keep in Mind

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^Milan, September 2015 People travel for different reasons, for many though, travelling is their form of escape from boredom and the torture of everyday routine. There are people who have made travelling their way of life, but for most of us, we need travel to add dimension, excitement and adventure to our boring lives. When […]

Cultural Spots to Visit in Tel Aviv

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The country of Israel is one of incredible beauty and rich cultural heritage. Tel Aviv epitomises this in a variety of ways, most of all through the number of historical sites it boasts. Suffice to say, a dream for those with such interests. With more than 2.5 million international visitors every year, Israel has the […]

Dubai Supercar Hotspots

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  You like fast cars but you only get to see them on Top Gear. What you really want is some kind of car utopia, where it’s normal to see a Lamborghini or an Aston Martin out on the streets and where the infrastructure and industry reflects a deep passion for beautiful machines. Well my […]

Featuring Corfu

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I can’t remember how many times I’ve featured Greece or its islands here and on my other travel blogs. I could actually be more of a Grecophile than a Japanophile as I have always thought I was. 😀 As I was growing up, the displays at home – mostly miniature statues of Greek gods/goddesses and those, […]

Family Travel Websites

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  Family travel once in a while is important to bond and to have lasting memories. Sometimes it may be difficult having smaller kids and of different ages. Each of them have different needs that requires planning ahead and different approaches. It all begins with choosing which destination to go to, which is appropriate for having […]