Going back to Disneyland Paris

totem pole and kids
by a totem pole at the hotel

If you’ve been to my other blogs then you’ll know how I complain that time goes really fast. Especially if you have kids. Just yesterday the baby does nothing but sleep and drink milk, now they’re going to school and can do a lot of things. *sigh*

These photos were from our Disneyland Resort Paris adventure. Above photo was taken just outside our hotel, My Explorer’s Hotel, in Marnee La Vallee, France. Just outside Paris and very near Disneyland…takes about 20 minutes with a shuttle ride.

disneyland resort paris castle
waiting for the gates to open
disneyland resort paris castle



My older son having the sharpest memory among the three would always recall bits and pieces of our Disneyland experience and relay it to the little boy. He was also with us but he was around 1 year and 6 months so he couldn’t remember it well. We just let him look at the photos.

We would surely love to visit Disneyland again and this time, the little boy would hopefully remember.




9 thoughts on “Going back to Disneyland Paris

  1. wow! yes time flies indeed. We did experienced paris disneyland last year..awesome:)

    my nostalgia is up too hope you can visit too:)

  2. Time really does fly so fast. I’d be 38 tomorrow and it seems like it was yesterday that I was 20 lol (dreaming) hahaha. Love the smiles of your cute angels. Nice getaway too!

  3. How I wish I could bring the kids to Disneyland too…kahit yung sa HK lang. But hey, the mommy here wants to see Paris! haha. Hope you can check out my entry too. Thanks!

  4. When I saw the photos I am sure these were nostalgic since your recent photos have shown that your kiddos are much bigger na. Thanks for sharing Disneyland Paris!

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