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Downtown Delight: 8 Must-See in Downtown Vancouver

January 3, 2018


One of the places we visited in Canada that became an instant favourite was the Butchart Gardens, it is located near Victoria on Vancouver Island. It is so picturesque that you can not get enough of taking photos of each floral display and each landscaped area (see above photo). Being a large island and always listed as one of the cities with the best quality of life in the world, Vancouver has a lot to offer for locals and tourists alike. If you find yourself in downtown Vancouver for a few days you will quickly discover that there is no shortage of things to see and do in the area.

Here are some of the top attractions and places that you should consider visiting in downtown Vancouver.

Fun and informative

If you like the idea of expanding on your existing knowledge in a fun way,  the Telus World of Science is well worth a visit.

There are great options like the Amazon Rainforest show running on the biggest OMNIMAX dome screen on the planet, so you will enjoy a cinematic experience that will both educate and entertain. Perhaps one exhibit you are familiar with is Ripley’s Believe It or Not! which will soon be displayed at the centre by the end of January.


The Telus World of Science  features plenty to enjoy, not only science, but art displays by Peter Holmes, Sharon Kallis, Michael Hall, among others; a gallery about the heart, skeleton and internal organs, appropriately called “The BodyWorks”; the BMO Sustainability gallery which explores electricity, water consumption and waste, then there’s the Puzzles and Illusions gallery which is a fun experience as the title suggests to go through with the kids.

Have a gas in Gastown

If you are staying somewhere like the Delta Hotels Vancouver Downtown Suites you won’t be far away from lively Gastown.

This is Vancouver’s oldest neighbourhood and is a heady mix of historic Victorian buildings playing host to a vibrant food and drink scene to enjoy. Don’t forget to take a picture by the steam clock on the corner of Cambie and Water Street.

yacht, false creek

Enjoy a stroll around False Creek

There is nothing phony about False Creek, which is a short inlet that divides downtown Vancouver from the rest of the city. The creek offers different activities including dragon boating, canoeing, kayaking, and  public ferries for viewing the picturesque settlement.

It is a very pleasant place to explore and you will also find the Science World at the eastern end along with other prominent buildings. Both sides of the creek boast unique characteristics, with the preservation of mountain-views within a modern city, it is a breakaway from the usual municipal landscapes.


Soak up some culture

If you want to take in a show or a concert while you are in the area it is always worth checking out what is on at The Orpheum. It is one of the many listed as a  National Historic Site of Canada, in itself full of history. Opened in 1927, this grand building hosts some amazing music and theatre events and will provide you with some cultured entertainment if you can get a ticket for what is on while you are staying in downtown Vancouver.

Enjoy some art

If you are an art-lover then you should put the Vancouver Art Gallery on your itinerary.

A fascinating mix of contemporary and traditional art will provide plenty of talking points and enjoyment. A day is not enough to see all of about 11,000 works the gallery holds, so make sure you plan your time well.

A bit of retail therapy

If you fancy hitting the shops and trying to find something nice to take away from your time here, the place to go would be the CF Pacific Centre, which is a premier shopping mall. There are over 100 stores and shops, there’s surely something that you will fancy. Strategically located, there are number of train stations, and bus stations near the area.

Learn about Vancouver’s sporting history

The BC Sports Hall of Fame is another attraction that will appeal to most sports fans.

You will find the museum at the BC Place Stadium and there are lots of interesting exhibits and memorabilia to enjoy as you walk around this unique attraction.

State-of-the-art convention centre

Last but not least, the Vancouver Convention Centre is well worth a visit to enjoy one of the many events that are held there each year.

Located on the waterfront in a delightful part of downtown Vancouver, this is one of the biggest convention centres in the country and there are many major events running throughout the year.

Downtown Vancouver has a lot more  to entertain, educate you with that this list wasn’t able to include. Be it the arts, outdoor activities, science curiosity, and even nature tripping, there’s so much that Vancouver has to offer, any season of the year.

Must see in Vancouver
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  1. I didn’t know Vancouver had so much to offer! Those paintings are absolutely breathtaking, and the colors of that park are surreal. It seems like the kind of city that has something for every kind of tourist. I would love to experience it all in person.

    1. It was like a real painting you can touch and the wind can blow with its light breeze, dancing as you walk by…so nice!

  2. I almost went to Vancouver once, but had to cancel last minute due to our daughter having a head injury just days before my flight. It was work trip so I probably would not have seen much, but one of these days i hope to get there. These places and from what I heard from other people that have been there sound wonderful. I would really enjoy seeing them for myself.

    1. Oh sorry to hear that…I’m sure you’d be able to go, and it would be wonderful if your daughter can come along…

  3. Good gosh apparently when I went to Vancouver years ago I did nothing. Just kidding we did a lot of retail therapy and hit the museums. i would love to go back soon. It is an amazing city with the nicest people and it’s clean, clean, clean. Love your tips by the way!

    1. Retail therapy always works! 😉 Vancouver listed as one of the cities with the best quality of life in the world surely makes up to it! So clean!

  4. I live on the other side of Canada and have never been to Vancouver. I am dying to visit, though, and your photos have convinced me even more! All of these ideas sound like tons of fun, especially the different museums.

  5. This post is so timely. A friend and I were just chatting about planning a trip to Vancouver later this year. False Creek looks so picturesque and I’d definitely be down to hop on a ferry.

  6. Being a Canadian I am so sad to say I’ve never been to Vancouver. I’d love to though and Butchart gardens looks incredible. As does everywhere else! Looks like Vancouver is an amazing place to see!

  7. WOW, I’ve really been missing out. I did not know Vancouver was this interesting. Butchart gardens is gorgeous! False Creek is also beautiful, I could walk around Vancouver for days, I really need to add this to my list of travels. Thanks for sharing this! Beautiful images!!

  8. Vancouver Canada looks like a really cultured and fun place to visit! I have never really thought of going there before but this has made me think twice! I will have to look into going that way some time! I would love the art and retail therapy!

  9. Wow there is so much to see there! I love all of these photos, they make me want to see everything in person. Everything is so pretty. I have always enjoyed downtown areas in the city but this is even more beautiful than I could imagine. So cool! I hope I get to visit someday.

  10. I have never been to Canada but would love to go and Vancouver looks gorgeous!! I had no idea there was so much to see and do there. What beauty you captured in your pictures!

  11. It sounds like there is so much to see and do here. I love the beautiful gardens. I also enjoy history. Thank you so much for sharing this

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