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Driving by to St.Pölten

July 23, 2011

Taken on our way to St. Pölten – a one-hour train ride from Vienna. During such a trip I let the kids take their portable game consoles and they play. I, on the other hand, would take photos of the scenery outside, especially of the green, brown, yellow fields. — Spring! The lively colors I always love to take photos of.

I’m assuming this to be rice paddies…but I could be mistaken…There are times when the fields are yellow and for sure those are mustard. The ride from Vienna to our destination are full of trees too save for some small villages that would appear in the middle of all those greens.

siblings, brothers

If you haven’t yet, you can contribute your own photos to our Drive By blog. Simply take shots of the scenery or anything outside while you were in a vehicle….that would be fun – including the motion and reflection from inside the vehicle…


Will show more soon.


  1. Great shots, probably mustard or rape seed which is dreadful for hayfever sufferers. Nice shots of them and very colourful, your boys are cute:)

  2. A “Drive By” blog…very interesting! We haven’t done much by train…or bus…but certainly by car and airplane!

  3. The boys are so cute. The fields remind me of my childhood home area….where we had many colourful mustard fields.

  4. Great photos – I really love the contrast of the green and the yellow in that second one. I’ve never seen anything like it! 🙂


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