Family City Break – Fürth, Bavaria

Fürth, Germany /

Fürth (german)/Fuerth is a historic city in northern Bavaria, Germany…south of the whole Germany. It is a few kilometers away from Nuremberg. Fürth is also the first city my daughter and I visited in Germany and the whole of Europe after having migrated to Vienna in 2002…This is where mom-in-law has lived since some years before.

Fuerth is a charming city with architecture much defined as European than I’ve seen in Vienna… There are also a lot of corner shops that are so attractive and pleasing for a camera-bug like me…


The first time we visited, we still had my old SLR Canon T60, so the photos were on print. And the following years, we have had different cameras used. Anyway, what can you do and what are some things to see in Fürth? Read on, or look on.


City Park Fürth
(Flowers at City Park Fürth)

City Park Fürth

City Park Fuerth is one of the parks we often visit through the years. It’s just some minutes away from mil’s place. Probably 3 bus stations or 15 minutes really, but it’s a lovely walk going there. The lawn has a display of beautiful flowers in many colors. There are little ponds and a bigger one where fish and ducks thrive. Then, the kids are allowed to feed them. Which is of course an exciting thing for them, not seeing such creatures in the open that much. (We have a fish at home though).

fürth park
(Lush Green playground)


Since we’ve only visited during spring and mostly summers, we’ve always seen greens and colourful surroundings. Most of the time, we bring a ball or rackets to play with. The vast field of green is an open picnic area.

Water Games

There are small waterways were kids can play at if it gets warm throughout the day.

Ducks at the pond and waterway for some water play…

Mini-Golf Course

The kids have always been ecstatic to play golf ever since experiencing it here.

Cute Spots

(Shop door and window)
Fuerth, Germany
(Herb store and lamps and plants in front of a restaurant.)
(Dad and D saw swans…maybe, and C walking on our way back)

Playmobil Funpark

Germany’s other big park is located 15 minutes away from Fürth’s city center. They have added a “mini” golf course designed for the kids. Much bigger than the one at the city park.

(Waiting in line to enter the Funpark.)
Fürth (german)/Fuerth is a historic city in northern Bavaria, Germany...south of the whole Germany. It is a few kilometers away from Nuremberg.
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  1. Mmmm – every time I hear “Bavaria” I just think of Bavarian cream filled eclairs… Makes my stomach grumble just thinking about it!!


  2. I’m not particularly interested in Germany as a tourist destination, but I’ve always wanted to see Bavaria. Do they really have good Bavarian beers :=)

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