Fuerth, Bavaria

Fürth/Fuerth is a historic city in northern Bavaria, Germany…south of the whole Germany. A few kilometers apart from Nuremberg. Fürth is also the first city I visited in Europe after having migrated to Vienna in 2002…this is where mom-in-law lives since some years before.

Fürth is a charming city with architecture much defined as European than I’ve seen in Vienna…there are also a lot of corner shops that are so attractive and pleasing for a camera-bug like me…

2 thoughts on “Fuerth, Bavaria

  1. Mmmm – every time I hear “Bavaria” I just think of Bavarian cream filled eclairs… Makes my stomach grumble just thinking about it!!


  2. I’m not particularly interested in Germany as a tourist destination, but I’ve always wanted to see Bavaria. Do they really have good Bavarian beers :=)

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