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Golden Gate Bridge’s 75th Anniversary

May 27, 2012

On May 27th 1937, the opening ceremony for the Golden Gate bridge in San Francisco took place…that’s 75 years ago. The historical bridge, the most photographed in the world, links the city of San Francisco, on the northern tip of the San Francisco Peninsula, to Marin County. It has become a major land mark of San Francisco, California, and even the United States.

san francisco bridge
Golden Gate bridge, San Francisco seen from the Alcatraz

When I was a kid, I often would see my dad sporting a sweater (we live near Tagaytay and those days, it was cold) with the bridge imprinted on it. Some of my older brother’s shirts have the same prints and I really didn’t care then. Now that I collect stuff from places we’ve visited…I was so eager to have not only shirts and sweaters but miniatures of the bridge too.

golden gate bridge  golden gate bridge   san francisco bridge 2 san francisco bridge 3

Many films feature the bridge and most of the time getting destroyed by some alien attack or any global phenomenon that pertains to cataclysm. Some of those films I remember include X-Men, the Last Stand; where Magneto used the bridge as a pathway to Alcatraz, Monsters vs Aliens; where the bridge got cut in half, Hulk; where the green monster would just sit atop. There are a lot more and for sure there are hero movies and Star Trek on the list.

Despite all that, the bridge proudly stood all those years, 75 to be exact. Thus, a celebration is called for! A whole day celebration nonetheless and capped off with fireworks display.

Rightfully named one of the modern Wonders of the World by the American Society of Civil Engineers,the Golden Gate Bridge is in itself an iconic structure that we will surely see more of. (Photo credits: hubby)

san francisco bridge 5
From the side
Sails and shadow


  1. featured also in that movie starring nick cage and sean connery, i forgot the title. along with the statue of liberty, both landmarks spells U.S.A

    splendid photos. super!

  2. One bridge that really most photographed… and the start of long bridges that connect one place to another..like life to people …I see it as love to each other in human…”D

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