Hollywood Boulevard

Jimmy Kimmel, El Capitan Theatre, Hollywood

This year’s Primetime Emmy Awards which I watched mostly for fashion inspiration prompted me to dig my photo archives and go about walking down memory lane…through the famous Hollywood Boulevard and distant streets. Jimmy Kimmel hosting the event at the Nokia Theatre was a first,  he did well and perhaps less controversial at how Ricky Gervais would have handled it but still many thought it’s not the best place for him.

In a surprise turn of events, Mad Men, a favorite through the years, lost to a much “younger show,” Breaking Bad,  breaking (no pun intended) their record to earn a fifth straight win in the best drama series category.

Anyway, congratulations to all who won is in order.


Scrape it

Going back to our supposedly Hollywood Boulevard walk, let me rack my brains up as this is quite long overdue (almost a year ago). Hubby booked us tickets from San Francisco to Los Angeles with American Airlines to visit friends living in the area. They were his high school classmates and my high school classmates. Mind you, we lived 4 hours apart back as youngsters in Manila. ^_^

It was early October and when at this time it’s already autumn in Vienna and other parts of Europe, it was still very warm and summer in downtown LA. The clouds would say  it all. Hollywood Boulevard is what you’d imagine it to be, touristy, full of souvenir shops, impostors aside from the wax doubles in Madame Tussauds abound, and it is a mecca of those in the beauty business and haven to everyone wanting to look glamorous.

If Mozart impostors abound in Vienna, Spiderman, Bumble Bee, Elmo and the gang are all around the boulevard for you to pose with.

bumblebee hollywood boulevard
Bumble bee
madame tussauds
Madame Tussauds

We walked the famous Walk of Fame, snapping happily and without care…I took photos of our favorites (Patrick Stewart being one, though I also have Charlie Sheen’s but I got it upside down ^_^ ). I was keenly looking for Mickey Mouse’s but I might have overlooked it.

Walking, which I do a lot anywhere we go to, you’d see a plethora of culture, buildings and of course historical settings and theatres where our favorite films once premiered or were Awards nights are held. There’s the Grauman’s Chinese Theatre where Star Wars was first seen. The Kodak theatre, a live entertainment theatre in the Hollywood and Highland shopping mall and entertainment complex, where many aspiring singers dreamed of performing is home to American Idol.

Walking at Hollywood Boulevard is seeing so many things both beautiful and bizarre, that’s just the outside. Getting inside those buildings and historical facade is another experience…and you haven’t seen the Boulevard at night yet…let’s do that for our next story.

hollywood boulevard, grauman's chinese theater
Grauman’s Chinese Theater, Street Posers or something
hardrock, kodak theatre, hollywood
hard rock cafe, kodak theatre
Picard’s star

11 thoughts on “Hollywood Boulevard

  1. WOW. Looks magical and enchanting. Another place in my bucket lists to visit one day. Your lucky enough to be able to see the beautiful hollywood boulevard.

  2. You are one lucky woman to visit and enjoy the Hollywood Sis Marie 🙂 Those are beautiful pictures too 🙂 I have never been to LA only SF but just the airport 🙂

  3. wow Hollywood is really amazing. but i dont think i could ever visit this place. im not sure if its good for kids to see weird people. hehehe.. just kidding. maybe if its just me and hubby, we might able to visit hollywood.

  4. Wow! I would love to walk along Hollywood Boulevard too. Hopefully I’ll be able to take a trip to the U.S. some time soon. Would love to pose Bumblebee as well!

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