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Love Padlocks

September 20, 2012

You’ve probably seen such rails, walls or lamp posts with padlocks somewhere else; in a distant city or at the bridge a few steps from where you live. It could be much more than what’s pictured above or there could be totally no place to put on another. No matter, these padlocks of love  are everywhere and represent couples, travelling together (though not always) – fastening their love for each other.

lovelocks, Love Padlocks
Still starting to fill up – Salzburg bridge

I don’t really know how it started but that’s supposedly the idea behind the locking but yes you’ll see them in Paris, Tokyo, Budapest, Pecs, Rome, in Taiwan and in this case, Salzburg. The couples would place their lock then either throw away the keys – so that there’s no way those locks could be opened – signifying staying together always or they could deposit it somewhere…but what if they come back and decide to call it quits? Hopefully not!

love padlocks, locks of love
I think red and blue are standouts.

To make these padlocks more personal, couples write down their names or initials before locking them in. Personally, I think it’s sweet but many would say that it’s just defiling what is supposedly a free from junk surrounding. Though it’s probably a city’s local officials that would get annoyed with this practice. So much so that some have purposely built iron trees for this purpose.

There are also superstitions following the love padlocks attachment…to which I of course just shrug my shoulders. What matters is, there are two people in love who decided to join others in that state to declare their love with the help of such metal security device as…the padlock.

locks, handcuff
Fancy a handcuff?


  1. I love that padlock idea Sis Marie 🙂 I am not sure if we have that here in America especially in NY but would love to try this too. This is a very sweet gesture and promise for each other to lock their love for all the temptations that will surround them 🙂

  2. Sure looks interesting to me! Other places are different as well. There are also places where after you chew your gum you can paste it on the gum wall where thousands and thousands of people from all over the world had pasted their gums on the wall either. hehehe..

  3. Very neat idea. Haven’t heard of it here but in Seattle there’s a gum wall…they said it’s the dirtiest part in the city but is also the most picture taken 🙂

  4. Wow! I have never know or seen this before. What an interesting story! Now, I know what it’s all about so when I see one I’ll certainly put mylove locks along with it hehe. How cool!

  5. The handcuff cracks me up! But the heart padlock in the first photo is cute. What a way to symbolize the love for each other. I wonder how many of them are still together now. If it is indeed true or just a weird tradition to do on vacation.

  6. My Japanese classmate who’s also into photography sent me a photo full of padlocks. I just forgot where it was taken though. I like the idea of throwing the keys so no one can unlock it.

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