Mirabell Palace and Gardens in Salzburg

What’s more appropriate to do in Salzburg than visit the special locations it’s famous for? Aside from being the birthplace of music genius Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart, Salzburg became known for the film musical The Sound of Music which brought us the songs “Edelweiss“, “My Favorite Things”, “Climb Ev’ry Mountain”, “Do-Re-Mi”, “Sixteen Going on Seventeen”, and “The Lonely Goatherd.” Salzburg tourism capitalizes on this fact and many tours were arranged for visitors to exclusively see the locations that were highlighted in the movie. Such tours start by the Mirabell Palace which explains why there are buses parked outside.The Mirabell Gardens and Palace was where Maria and the kids were singing.

mirabell gardens
Entrance, little boy and Papagena fountain behind him

We opted to go impromptu, walking as we please and because we arrived a little late (travel from Vienna took almost 3 hours). We were visiting along with a friend, a writer for the Philippine Star (I do hope he wrote niceties about Salzburg and Vienna).

From the entrance, one can already have a feel of how impressive the geometrically-arranged Mirabell garden would be.

mirabell palace and gardens
Mirabell Palace

Passing through a small garden, one would be welcomed into a bigger lawn. Flower beds carefully laid out, walls covered with vines, benches here and there, Roman statues and stone flower vases lined up, fountain features and an arbor to walk through when the scorching sun is up enchanted the photobug in me.

The palace is comparably small to other palaces and castles I’ve seen or perhaps that was just an impression as we never actually got in. :/ I truly blame having to arrive so late. But, as most palaces in Austria, the Mirabell is of Baroque style.

arbor (side of) and passageway
museum mirabell gardens
Baroque museum by the garden
garden and arbor seen from the second floor of the Salzburg Baroque Museum

I was able to visit the the Salzburg Baroque museum which was at the southern wing of the orangerie. It was relatively small, 2 storeys but they have awesome sketches that the kids and I were able to view hurriedly. It was prohibited to take photos inside so I just took photos from inside of the view outside the window. The museum holds drawings and paintings by Rubens, Bernini and Algardi, but also Cortona, the local hero Rottmayr, Altomonte,, Tiepolo, the Guardis, and Maulbertsch among others. Art enthusiasts would be happy going about and savor each on display, as mentioned the museum is “small.”

If you’ve watched the Sound of Music, you’re definitely familiar with the scenes here, if not, go ahead and squeeze it into your schedule…it’s never too late to watch a classic Julie Andrews film, you’ll probably find yourself singing to one of its catchy tunes.

fountain at the middle of the garden
exit –


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12 thoughts on “Mirabell Palace and Gardens in Salzburg

  1. This place is awesome! The Mirabell flowers are just amazingly beautiful! Di nakakasawang pagmasdan. Can’t get enough of these colorful ornaments.

  2. beautiful manicured garden. looks like a place for a good book read and for deep thinking:) i love the sound of music (julie andrews) and the songs are timeless. i planned on downloading the movie for my little daughter to watch 🙂

  3. Beautiful pictures 🙂 Some day I will be able to take a trip like that with my family!! I’ve never been outside of the USA, and I have always wanted to travel internationally!

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