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We’ve established from the previous posts that when in Rome, you’re told to do as the Romans do.  But when you happen to find yourself in the vicinity of Nice, France, you don’t have to try too hard to pose as a dignified Frenchman or a lady with her nose up in the air.  Just be your touristy self, and bask in the many fun things Nice has to offer.  With the many different attractions in this part of the globe, you’re sure to find something to suit your fancy, here are some of the nice things in Nice that I recommend:


Arenes de Cimiez

If you are a huge fan of jazz music, then this is the perfect place for you to get your fix.  This is where they hold the annual Nice Jazz Festival amid the backdrop of the remains of the Roman city of Cemenelum.  Here you’ll also find a park with a vast olive grove that stretches as far as the eye can see.  The thousands of olive trees sprawled around the garden and the wide lawns make it an ideal place for families to hang out.

Musee Matisse

The artsy one will definitely consider this place to be Mecca.  This museum holds the personal collection of artist Henry Matisse.  Here you’ll find his famous sculptures, paintings, drawings and gouache cut-outs.  If you have kids with you, you can bring them here as they also hold children’s workshops and various activities on specific themes.  The museum is situated in a villa within the premises of the Arenes de Cimiez park.

Cote d’azur observatory

You just might be happy to see a falling star when you visit this famed astronomical observatory in Nice.  It’s right on the summit of Mont Gros, 1,066 feet above sea level.  Now that’s reaching for the stars!  They have a guided tour, so as you gaze in wonder at the sky, you’ll get to understand what the universe is all about.

Vieux Nice

Also known as The Old Town of Nice, this is one place where you absolutely wouldn’t mind getting lost in.  If you were a mouse and this was a mouse trap, you’d say, “Bring it on!” This is where it’s happening, as it’s always bustling with activity, day and night.  You can drown yourself in drinks or stuff yourself with a good old traditional meal as you take in the Mediterranean baroque feel of it all.  Be sure to sample their main local dish called “socca” (a yummy pancake made of chick pea flour, water and olive oil).  If you’re not up for partying, you can simply do a walking tour and explore the different shops lining the streets.

Castle Hill

What could be more wonderful than standing on top of a hill, bellowing at the top of your lungs as you bask in the beauty of the view below you?  This is just what you might end up doing when you find yourself atop Castle Hill.  Restrain yourself from bellowing, and you could simply walk along the secluded tree-lined footpaths winding up to the Hill.  Once you’re up there, the view is breathtaking.  Don’t miss the astounding waterfalls on top of Castle Hill, overlooking the Promenade.
There’s never a dull moment in Nice, France.  With the many stunning places to visit and things to do here, you won’t feel homesick at all. I say, book a week or two in a one of the nice apartments in Nice (pun not intended) and enjoy this enchanting city in full. It won’t even come as a surprise if you no longer want to go back home.


All the Nice things in Nice - Nice, France has a lot to offer for those who want to experience France outside the hustle and bustle of Paris. Here's some of the "nice" things to see.
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  1. Memories of a lifetime captured in a photo. Destinations you’ve seen look spectacular. Think that I might have discuss a trip abroad in the next year….Europe is on my bucket list….These pictures are breathtaking a nice view to my day, for that thank you.

    Eva Mitton-Urban

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