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The One Where Rachelle and I Meet – Part Two (Nuremberg)

By on January 4, 2013

Germany wouldn’t be Germany without the events and festivals it’s been known for…flooding beers and grilling sausages, rides and amusements – typically where you’d just spend a few bucks having fun while enjoying traditional food and going home with a loot (or a lot) of klumpert!

Rachelle and I along with my son, her hubby and two kids decided to see what fun is there at the Nuremberg Volksfest (Funfair). Quite late but, the sun was up at 7 in the evening so you can’t tell! The kids were as alive as it was earlier at Playmobil so we went about and had our share of laughs and fun shots.

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Churches | Nuremberg

Our Lady’s Church (Nuremberg)

By on March 11, 2012

Our Lady's Church (Nuremberg)

At the eastern side of Nuremberg’s market/main plaza is a beautiful brick gothic church called Frauenkirche or Our Lady’s Church. Looking back at the archives of this blog, here’s one post I did earlier on. I don’t know why but we haven’t been inside this church even before. I assume though that it’s as grand inside.

I would have written a lot more about this architecture but I believe the photos will suffice. ^_^

frauenkirche    frauenkirche nuremberg nürnberg

Nuremberg is one of the ideal city for Religious Heritage, Pilgrimage Tour, and Church Choir Tour programs for church groups.Aside from Our Lady’s Church, there’s St. Sebaldus Church (St. Sebald, Sebalduskirche), one of the most important churches of the city, and also one of the oldest. There’s also St. Lorenz Church (Lorenzkirche), another church of Gothic architecture.


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Bridges | Nuremberg

Which Bridge?

By on February 12, 2012

red parasols

Nuremberg certainly has a lot of bridges within. Understandably so since it is situated on the Pegnitz river and the Rhine–Main–Danube Canal, the former flowing through the city center. They may not be as many as the bridges of Venice but they add charm to historical Nuremberg’s appeal.

Coming from the Fleischbrücke’s other side we moved to the left on that supposedly summer day, here’s what I saw – a restaurant terrace by the riverside overflowing with pelargonias. Parasols paraded too and went accordingly with the flowers’ color.

Nuremberg bridge

Looking beyond the terrace you’ll see another bridge which I don’t know the name of…this one is crowded too but without the vendors…on our side were souvenir carts of different sorts. There, on their side, were just people passing by, one or two playfully fetching water with a pail pulling it up and down with a rope. Can’t tell what they’re up to.

pail nuremberg bridge

Here is a view of the bridge in whole:

nuremberg bridge


Which Bridge? 1Which Bridge? 2

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A River under a Hospital

By on February 9, 2012


Standing at the Fleischbridge in Nürnberg’s old town, I was fascinated with this building. Water runs underneath, falling pelargonias adorn the red-paned windows and its color of brown bricks – my kind of a scene from a story written by one of my favorite authors.

Interestingly, this building is the hospice of the Holy Ghost, yep, a hospital situated at the River Pegnitz. It is in itself historic, founded in 1332 and is one of the largest hospitals of the Middle Ages.


On those times we visited Nürnberg, coming by this river is a must….not just for sightseeing but feeding the ducks. Teehee…kids love feeding them and most of the time mom-in-law has stale bread that we can bring…


A River under a Hospital 3A River under a Hospital 4A River under a Hospital 5

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Germany | Nuremberg

S’ Baggers, Nürnberg

By on August 15, 2011

Nürnberg/Nuremberg is one of the major cities in Bavaria. Been to this city a handful of times yet I can’t say that I know it well…I probably won’t but its charm is something that I always want to revisit.


Nürnberg’s history extends as far as the 11th century becoming an important key trade route as it expanded.  Its being situated on the Pegnitz river and the Rhine–Main–Danube Canal and numerous highways, railways, and a waterway has contributed to its rising importance for trade with Eastern Europe through its developing years.

First Automated Restaurant

For now, I’m not taking you to sightsee the features of Nürnberg, I’m taking you to the world’s first restaurant to offer automated ordering service – where you order food via a touchscreen monitor and where waiters don’t serve your food; it comes directly on your table…Not much like a conveyor belt in running sushi restaurants but from a spiral rail 15-feet high up.

S' Baggers, Nürnberg 6
Food Spiraling down, secured in pots.

S’ Baggers

Though situated far from the city proper, reservations are easily filled-up. There’s a bus whizzing by mom-in-law’s place to s’Baggers so we took it instead of going by car. I had time to take more drive by shots then. teehee. Since we don’t have a reservation we were taken to the back garden,  inspired by Indian tepees.

The first things you’ll notice at the dining area are surely the spiral rails and fur rugs hanging on bamboo poles. The latter giving the kids much curiosity to ask me questions while mom-in-law browse on the menu. The menu, as said, is listed down on a touchscreen monitor. There are two on each table for cases that guests share a table… Each seat gets a number and a card. An attendant – a nice one at that, (see above photo) will show you how things go.

S' Baggers, Nürnberg 7
A naggerder Frankendöner Haweii mid Dibb GF Schnitzel mit gegrillter Ananas, Schinken & Käs Escalope Hawai

I was the last to order from a group of seven. We first got our drinks, one of the bottles jumped off from the rail…which adds a lot of “ooohh” from the kids and other diners. The menu was comprehensively listed and categorized per preference; meat, fish, vegetarian and salads, appetizers, desserts, kids’ menu, dips and drinks. Oh, there’s take-home too!

You simply press on the number of your orders, put in your seat number and key-in your card.

Tasty and Unique

So the food slides down to the table via a metal rail directly coming from the kitchen – upstairs. Drinks are in a tumbler while food are in hotpots secured by plastic holders and  tight rubber bands. They were truly hot, got my thumb and pointing finger numb until the next day for touching the grip with bare hands. lol. For this post I’m showing you what I had, others; I’ll be posting on my food blog.

S' Baggers, Nürnberg 8
Thick pineapple slice Ö

The restaurant menu is written in German slang (I think) so it took me longer to pick something out. What I had is a cutlet of pork with grilled pineapple, ham and cheese…Sort of Cordon blue sans the breadcrumbs and served separately with my favorite grilled fruit on top . 😉

S' Baggers, Nürnberg 9
Ribs, spare but lots
S' Baggers, Nürnberg 10
Nothing spared…

S’Baggers dedicate their meals to being healthy, less of preservatives and additives… for my meal they achieved a fusion of flavors along with the salad and black grape on the side. I ordered catsup for a dip (see that kiwi? it’s covering the catsup…) but the hubby took it for his spare ribs. I got his blackberry jam instead and it totally added flavor to my already yummy plate.

This place is highly recommended.

Desserts to follow. Related story here and here.

S' Baggers, Nürnberg 11
By the river

S' Baggers, Nürnberg 12
Am Steinacher Kreuz 28
D-90427 Nuremberg

Tel. +49 (0) 911 / 477 90 90
Fax: +49 (0) 911 / 477 90 92



S' Baggers, Nürnberg 13


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Germany | Nuremberg | Zoo

Nuremberg Zoo and Dolphin Lagoon

By on July 18, 2011

^Bambi, they said.

This is one of the most memorable vacations we had, not just because of seeing a lovely place but because our daughter was left behind – for the second time. We visited the Nuremberg Zoo and Dolphin Lagoon (Nuremberg, Germany) and stayed there for half a day before going out to eat and play at a park.

That was one of those “doki doki” (Japanese heartbeat) moments that I felt real fear. It was also one of those times that my imagination was running much faster and beyond the years I normally would. If she’d been gone, I thought, how could my life be – would I be able to sleep thinking that she’s out there somewhere yet we’ve been robbed of the chance to take care of her and see her grow.


I sometimes hate myself for having that kind of imagination. Hubby went back to the dolphin show we watched with the whole fam (with mom-in-law and her husband too- who both joined the hunt as I stayed behind to wait). He found dawty sitting where she was earlier, still waiting if there are more shows. It’s a good thing that no one came to take her or ask her to come with them…there was not even a sign of fear to be seen in her…she was so calm.

Nuremberg Zoo and Dolphin Lagoon 14



Nuremberg Zoo and Dolphin Lagoon 15
Showing off

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Germany | Nuremberg

Big Stuff – Nuremberg

By on June 12, 2011

The biggest banana we’ve ever seen is at Nuremberg, Germany, a statue at least. We were walking down the street to the train station when we saw this giant banana. We just got to have a photo! Just like in Vienna, flower pots are abundant. That is just one of the many around the street.

Big Stuff - Nuremberg 16

Then there was a giant football at the plaza…I think it was the UEFA season… That’s hubby with toned muscles and funny hair. – 2005





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